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Capital Radio’s Capital Rocks – Event Of The Year Supported by NoStairway

Dave and Lisa will be presenting this amazing event on Thursday 29th November 2012 at London’s iconic Roundhouse, ask for an evening of champagne and fantastic food. There will be some major, major artists performing and a star studded guest list. Lawson, Labrinth and the fabulous Olly Murs on stage and rockin’ it. Nostairway Media is proud to be a part of this fantastic event. We have donated a recording session/music video shoot worth £5,000 as a prize to be auctioned on the Capital Web Site and on the night. Hey, maybe Olly Murs will bid for it and come i to do a session. Unless you outbid him. This is your opportunity to join all your favourite Capital presenters and kick off the winter hospitality season in style. Stay tuned for more details about this unmissable Capital Radio event and keep an eye on the Nostairway Media blogs. For ticket information go to the Capital Rocks web...

How To Get Into The Music Business – A Good Recording Studio Demo? II

We recently posted a blog entitled “How To Get Into The Music Business – What Makes A Good Demo?” which proved very popular. And it doesn’t take Inspector Columbo to work out why. We are currently in the midst of another wave of ‘talent’ shows, stuff X Factor being the obvious example, seek that have inspired thousands to “make that demo I was planning 2 years ago”. As a recording studio, we’ve made a few and we’ve seen both ends of the X Factor gauge at close quarters. For example, we had the pleasure of working with Camilla Kerslake the classical crossover singer from London who has become the first signing to Gary Barlow’s new record label. She released her debut album on 23 November 2009 in the UK and is about to release her third. Camilla studied for a degree at ACM, practiced hours a day and was always immaculately turned out. She recorded her demo (at an incredible recording studios in London by the way) and presented Barlow’s HQ with the disc every day for a month. She spent so long in the reception that, eventually, no one noticed that she’d pitched a tent and had her mail diverted there. No one noticed, that is, until a good old singalong round the camp fire attracted Barlow’s attention. (it has to be said, it was the fire alarm more than the actual singing) and when he came out to investigate, Camilla sold Gary a life insurance policy and a fire extinguisher before whisking him off his feet to safety. The rest is history. N.B. There may be some...
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