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Why should I go to a voice over studio?

Should I invest in the use of a voice over studio? Being an intern in Nostairway Media, mind a voice over studio, help I have learnt many things about how they work, and why you should go to one, rather than attempting to record your audio on your iPhone. “But it has a perfectly good microphone” you may say, and while the iPhone microphones are relatively good for their size and price, they simply cannot compare to the microphones used in a voice over studio. Microphones In Nostairway Media, we use the original Australian production RØDE NT2 microphone, which is commonly compared to the Neumann U87, widely regarded as the best microphone for recording voiceovers. These microphones are considerably better than built in microphones on your other devices, as they focus solely on the sound that is being produced. This means that more money has been spent on developing a good audio recording device, rather than leaving it to be produced with the remaining money in the budget for an iPhone or camera. Soundproofing Another component in the quality of your audio is background noise. A voice over studio will have sound proofing techniques that you most likely cannot, or do not want to, replicate in your house. One technique is to use acoustic foam to remove any residual sound in the recording, so you don’t have to clean up the audio as much later. Many people who want to record their own audio attempt to soundproof their room using things they already have such as a duvet cover, and while it would soundproof the room to some extent, it has...

Music Video Production – My Top 5

My Top 5 When it Comes to Music Video Production Music videos are not uncommon in 2016, pharmacy and we have become accustomed to seeing them everywhere, without truly appreciating the effort that goes into music video production. Doing work experience in Nostairway Media, a video production company, has allowed me to notice things about the videos that I already love, that make me realise how complex music video production really is. Some of my favourite music videos are excellent examples for explaining how different techniques can create different moods and atmospheres to accompany the song. To show you how this works, here are 5 of my favourite songs, and what I like about their music videos. At number five is Can’t Help Falling in Love by twenty one pilots. Most people are already familiar with this song, as it is a cover of an Elvis pop ballad, however this version of it brings a peaceful, almost vulnerable side of the song out, by recording the audio at the same time as the video. This shows off Tyler (the singer)’s talent, as not many artists can replicate the audio to their tracks live. For any musicians wishing to produce a music video for a song, I would suggest performing your song live, if possible, so it looks more real and the video really shows off your talent. Number four is Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco. The 4th song from their latest album, Death of a Bachelor, the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ video is very eye-catching, suggesting that they spent a lot of time on the music video production. The video appears to have...
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