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Online Advertising Video – Do I Need It?

  Our creative director discusses the merits of Online Advertising Video. So what’s happening in the advertising world and in particular online advertising video ? You would have to be a hermit living on a mid-Pacific island to have escaped all the talk of Google’s recent change to their algorithms to favour mobile friendly web sites. Or perhaps a more accurate description would be “not favour non-mobile-friendly sites as much”. Either way, it was a big deal and most of us did the test and corrected any errors to make sure we were compliant. It had the effect of momentarily overshadowing the other big deal in terms of Google friendliness; online video advertising. YouTube and other platforms have transformed the way we use the internet. Whether you’re shopping, researching, recruiting or simply wasting the day away, you will now, statistically speaking,  watch video rather than read. So let’s go back to shopping. As a supplier of goods or services, this is where the holly grail lives and where an awful lot of money is spent by your competitors in an attempt to get and stay on page 1 for a Google search. For instance, Google Adwords will cost you £13 per click to display your details at the top of the right hand column for the search string favoured by us. £13 for a student to contact you to ask for help with their research, £13 for someone to ask you for a job and £13 for every sales person in the country (it seems) to contact you to sell you their services. Oh, and the odd customer enquiry. This illustrates how valuable...
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