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Voice over studios – a guide from our engineer

Where to start in voice over studios ? voice over studios, our audio engineer shares his thoughts. If you have any interest in becoming a voice actor or just have a general interest in the mechanics of working in voice over studios, this guide should help you. You are starting from the bottom so the process will take time, you will need to fine tune your acting skills and get feedback from the professionals. If you make it this far and still wish to pursue this path, you may wish to record a demo and finally step into the vast world of auditioning, getting your first gig and negotiating you way around voiceover studios. When you first start, you will need to set out small achievable goals for yourself. Also, you may wish to try out many different genres of voice acting such as adverts, cartoons or training videos. This will help you get into character quicker as you are more versatile, also many voice over jobs are last-minute so time is valuable. Once you are comfortable with your acting skills, you could find a local voice over studio that offers coaching and get feedback from them, this is only a small cost for the advice and knowledge you’ll receive. Alternatively, you can record your voice and put them on a  forum, this will give you constructive feedback from people with years of experience. When making a demo, you will want to make several, one for each genre you intend to audition for. Many clients may only listen to a short amount of the demo so don’t make it...
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