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Audio Production Studio

ADR - VO - Foley - 5.1 Surround - SFX - Sound Design

At the Nostairway Media audio production studio, we take audio very seriously. Our many years of experience and cutting edge digital audio facilities means we provide the best audio possible. The key to a good audio production studio is attention to detail,  essential to the provision of pristine audio. We provide Voice Over, ADR, Music Recording, SFX, Foley, Music Production, 5.1 surround mixing and straight forward audio editing. Our audio production studio has produced audio for TV channels, videographers, film makers, production companies, web video producers and many more.

And in this fast paced digital world, a good audio production studio is only as good as its turnaround time. We pride ourselves in getting the job done quickly as well as to the highest standard. Whether for a short film, commercial, television, radio, or online, our audio production studio will provide the production you’re looking for.

For example, when producing SFX for a video production or, say,  a webvert, our audio production studio doesn’t just reach for the library folder; our engineerswould rather create the SFX needed from scratch. This often entails crawling around a car park or banging  things in the stationary cupboard – in short, whatever it takes to make that foley sound as authentic as possible.

Audio Production Studio
Studio for audio production and recording
Audio Production Facility
Studio Audio Recording and Production

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