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Voice over studio and Moonpig

 From time to time our voice over studio gets a job that sends a warm, fuzzy feeling out to everyone in the building. today is one of those days. The very popular company, Moonpig, asked me to voice one of their Xmas videos. The video – Journey of a Xmas Tree – tells us how Klaus, a baby tree, finds his way to a garden in the UK from his birthplace in Holland. Everyone in the voice over studio was delighted to tackle something so light hearted and yet informative. Over the past few weeks our voice over studio has tackled a wide range of projects, many corporate information videos. And that’s fine, we need information videos. But it is nice to be given the chance to voice something a little more magical. Journey of a Xmas Tree is just that. And Moonpig were kind enough to give us a preview. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy this charming little...
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