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How Teddington Studios will benefit us as a video production company

As Nostairway Media moved into the main block of Teddington Studios we started to reflect on the importance of this building and how it will benefit us as a video production company.

Henry Chinnery founded Teddington Studios in the early 20th century after renting out his greenhouse to local filmmakers. As the studios expanded it saw several highs and lows and underwent several different forms of management. From 1992, sickness Teddington ran as an independent organization for over 13 years and developed such amazing television shows as Harry Hill’s TV Burps (ITV), Men Behaving Badly (ITV) and Black Books (Channel4). In 2005 Pinewood Studios brought the complex and made it part of The Pinewood Studios Group alongside Shepperton Studios and Pinewood itself in the UK, and Pinewood Toronto Studios (Canada), Pinewood Indomina Studios (Dominican Republic), Pinewood Studio Berlin (Germany) and Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios (Malaysia).

Although we have resided at Teddington Studios for over 10 years we have been located in a small cottage away from the main action of the studios. Now being in the center of the main building we really are in the thick of it. Walking down the corridors we get to pass an array of offices for a range of different production companies, like the Chinese Channel, RacingUK . We also get to see all the action from the eight television studios here, broadcasting up to twenty-four hours a day of footage. Our largest studio being 8,900 sq. ft. and our smallest being 400 sq. ft. there is a lot of diverse space to play with. Along with the five presentation studios, set and prop storage rooms, dressing rooms, makeup and wardrobe rooms, production offices, green rooms, catering services, post production editing services and private parking facilities Teddington is always alive with people and ideas.

As Teddington Studios is only 30 minutes away from London city center with direct transport lines it makes it very easy for clients to commute to our facilities, which is great for business. For clients to now walk into the main building of Teddington and see all the energy around the studios, NSM fits in incredibly well as a video production company. Being this close to London City center the main hub for media production is great for us as it means we can easily get involved in local events and remain current in the industry.

Being involved with Pinewood Studios is also fantastic for our clients as it reflects the same global light of fame/recognition onto Teddington and all its Tenants. It also creates a strong stand for British video production studios and the Pinewood heritage.

With Teddington’s
name associated with some of the greats, such as Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill and the Morecambe and Wise series, its location to central London and its diverse range of tenants working within the studios. It is clear that we have made the right choice to move. As our diary’s become fuller it is clear that there is a lot more to come from Nostairway Media and Teddington Studios itself.

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