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Voice-over studio team love new show

New TV show – Voice-over and more

Our studio assistant describes how the voice-over works contributes to all manner of productions.


At 4pm on Monday 19th June, Channel 4 launched the first episode of its new house-hunting series ‘Best Of Both Worlds,’ in which property expert Lucy Alexander helps house hunters to locate their dream home somewhere between the fast-paced buzz of city life, and the picturesque idyll of the British countryside. After thirteen years of presenting the popular daytime house auction series ‘Homes Under The Hammer,’ Lucy Alexander waved goodbye to the show last July. Now, just less than a year later, she is already opening new doors.

Having produced the voice-over for the show from our voice-over studio in London, everyone at Nostairway Media was eagerly anticipating the launch of the new series, and we were pleased to have been greeted by a positive reception, especially from some of Lucy’s fans on Twitter.



In the studio

Although Lucy’s property search took her across the UK whilst she recorded the new series of ‘Best Of Both Worlds,’ the place she calls home is Surrey, which is just a stone’s throw away from our voice-over studio in West London. Our company is no stranger to recording voice-overs for both local, national and international companies; we recently provided the voice-over for a festive national advertisement for Moonpig, which followed the journey of miniature Christmas trees from Holland to the UK. You can also follow the journey of the trees, guided by the voice-over from Nostairway Media, in the following advertisement:

We are very experienced in producing voice-overs for advertisements; as well as Moonpig’s Christmas commercial, we’ve also produced voice-overs videos such as business training company, Prosell

5 simple steps to On.Board from Prosell Learning Limited on Vimeo.

and here’s another example, technology company Intellect UK (https://youtu.be/fjqtaV-w8R0).

A TV show such as ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ is just one example of the type of voice-over work we’ve created at Nostairway Media; other audio work we’ve produced includes informative films, audio books and training. 

How do you create a voice-over

So, how are these voice-overs created? At Nostairway Media, the equipment is very important. For example, the microphone we use is an original Australian produced RØDE NT2, a highly rated large diaphragm microphone which provides pristine audio recordings. As well as this, our studios are fully sound-proofed with acoustic foam to reduce reflections, providing a cleaner audio. These are the two main factors, combined with experienced producers, that help Nostairway Media create top-quality voice-overs. If you’d like some more information on the recording process of our voice-over studio, you can follow this link to our previous blog entry: http://www.nostairway.com/what-makes-a-good-voiceover-the-nostairway-voiceover-recording-studio-guide/


How do I get into voice-over?

It’s easy to underestimate the significance of voice-overs in motion pictures, yet they are a vital part of most motion pictures such as advertisements, films and trailers. They can be dramatic, informative, or even humorous. The tone of the voice-over artist can have a significant impact on the audio-visual experience as it influences how well the listener receives the information. Presenters such as Lucy Alexander have spent many years perfecting the art of voice-overs; practising script reading, fine-tuning recitals and polishing vocals. If you believe that you have the potential to become a voice artist and are willing to dedicate yourself to the countless hours of hard work it will take to get to a professional level, then perhaps you’d like to refer to our previous blog for more in-depth advice on how to become a voice-over artist.

With increasingly easy access to technology in this day and age, it’s easy to be swayed by the temptation to record audio files using the microphone that can be found in most smart phones. But if you’re interested in taking a more professional approach to recording voice-overs, then you may be asking yourself the question ‘How do I get into voice-over?’ At Nostairway Media, we’re familiar with this question. For more advice on how to become a voice-over artist, you can refer to our previous blogs.


So what’s next?

Becoming a voice artist or producing top-quality voice-overs takes time, hard-work and good equipment, and at Nostairway Media we were glad to have the chance to share our experience when creating the voice-over for Channel 4’s ‘Best Of Both Worlds.’ Lucy Alexander began filming the series in September 2016, and after recently recording the voice-overs for the series at Nostairway Media’s voice-over studio in London, the series is now being aired on Channel 4. If you’re interested in hearing Nostairway Media’s voice-over work, or just an avid house hunter, then you can watch the new series of ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ by tuning in to Channel 4 on weekdays at 4pm, or by clicking on the following link: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/best-of-both-worlds


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