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10 Great Music Videos.


Music videos are a great way to show off your music. Great music videos are well thought out, artistic and work with the genre of style. They can be done quickly and cheaply, which is perfect if you’re on a tight budget or just want the video for personal use! This article will break down all of different types so that anyone with any kind-of knowledge about editing footage together could produce something fitting their song in under an hour timeframe – even without spending much money at first glance (and don’t worry: we’ll give tips where appropriate) and how to transform your music video to create a video worthy of being on our list of great music videos.

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What is a Music Video?


Music videos have been around for much longer than you might think, but it’s only recently that they’ve become an important part of the music industry. In fact there is even debate as to when video replaced television and why certain artists are more popular now than others with their fans? Great music videos are a great way to get audiences to really engage with the music.

In any case here we will take a look at some great examples from ranging back in time all through modern day so check them out below for our list of great music videos!


1. ‘Big Time Sensuality’ by Björk



Björk’s 1993 single ‘Big Time Sensuality’ is one of the most iconic videos in modern music history and makes its way to number one in our list of great music videos.

Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui, who had no real budget to speak off when he shot it all on an iPhone during a cab ride with just himself and his camera operator friend Chris Bainbridge (the two men behind some really incredible work like “Trains” or even Michael Jackson’s ‘The shirt album’), this short film became something special as well because there are few things more sexy than seeing beautiful women dance through … In 1990s New York City!

The album has a lot of instruments that are native to her country. It’s quite different from what she’s done in the past, but fans might not be surprised because Bjork had always been known for singing about heartbreak and loss – kind things you would expect from someone who grew up without parents (the way it sounds).



2. ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘ (Featuring Kimbra) By Gotye

Gotye’s music video has 170 Million Views and made 4.5 Million! ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ is a song by Australian musician and singer-songwriter Gotye, featuring vocals from New Zealand artist Kimbra.

The track was released in September 2011 as the lead single of his fifth studio album booklet activity , which would later go provide him with two Grammy Awards at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards including Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.’

This video is refreshingly different from the standard sex and swag of contemporary pop music videos and makes for a great music videos. Unlike those popular nowadays, this one has a concept as if Jasper John was painting on Veruschka. It starts with camera pans over singers naked body before switching to close-up shots looking at his almost hairless face; it’s intimate but not sexual at all – more like an art piece than anything else!

Gotye’s eyes are alive with passion as he sings to us, but the look on his face tells a different story. He may be singing how there is no love in this relationship at all but it makes its place as number 2 on our list of great music videos.



3. ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna

Without a doubt, the scene where Leon Robinson plays an almost alive saint in statue form is one for the ages. Not to mention that this video placed second-, third- and fourth place on songs with billion dollar budgets! The director delivers yet another masterpiece set against a superbly crafted backstory which provides insight into what makes these musicians so driven while still remaining true 2 their creative vision.

The Vatican condemned this 1989 music video for causing a bit of stir. It was banned from Italian television and prompted Pepsi to abandon its $5 million ad campaign, but what makes for great music videos? Nothing’s wrong with a bit of controversy to the church.

The director behind such controversial films as Pet Sematary has released another hit with “Red Suitcase.” Directed by Mary Lambert who also brought us those two unforgettable horror movies in fatiguing detail–you know you can’t look away.



4. ‘Come To Daddy’ By Aphex Twin


So many musicians take inspiration from Aphex Twin, but no one has been able to capture his sound quite like him. His music is so unique and complex that it’s hard for others songs or albums using similar formulas get noticed in the shadows of come father.

The song “Come To Daddy” by Aphex Twin is one of the most unique songs I have ever heard. There are plenty more where that came from though, and for all intents and purposes you can call this tune pretty much anything or make your own mix with it because they’ve been remixed into oblivion!

Filmed on the same council estate Stanley Kubrick used to shoot several scenes in A Clockwork Orange, an elderly lady’s dog pees on an old telly and it all goes Pete Tong. As if the distorted and warping head of Richard D. James chanting the lyrics isn’t scary enough, it unleashes a gang of small children, all of whom bear James’s grinning face.





5. ‘Here It Goes Again’ by OK GO

Back in 2006, this Chicago indie group ” went viral” by attracting close to a million video views. They could do it within minutes now but the video for their breakout hit remains mesmerising: six members of BTS or Billie Eilish playing precisely choreographed moves on one treadmill while we watch them from an overhead angle – all without cutting away!

More than just a footwork, this top music video was an early watershed moment for internet content creators. It demonstrated that even crudely-recorded DIY projects can command massive audiences in the age of Web 2 .0

This is because more people are accessing media through sites like YouTube where anyone with access to a camera phone could make their own movie and upload it onto these new social networking platforms which were previously only reserved by big companies or professionals working alone at computer desks. This definitely makes its place on our list of great music videos and always will in history.


6. ‘Around the World‘ by Daft Punk


My favourite music video! Daft Punk’s “Around The World” is a classic dance track that has been enjoyed by generations of music fans around the world! This catchy tune features only one lyrics: ‘Around the The World”  And what better way than through their iconic video which was directed by Michel Gondry who is a pioneer in making great music videos.

Around the World was Gondry’s first attempt at bringing organised dancing to his music videosThe artist wants to visually represent the song by using each group of four characters for a different instrument. Gondry’s notes say that robots symbolise singing voices, while physicality and small-minded rapidity represents bass guitars.[3] Disco girls are high pitch keyboards so they’re represented with them here as well.




7. ‘Sad Day‘ by FKA Twigs


The visuals in this scene are so unexpectedly cool and unforgettable that it’s hard to focus on anything else. Directed by Hiro Murai, who is able to blend the surreal with lived-in spaces makes it seem like nothing out of ordinary. But then you notice everything is! Murai has an incredible talent for making these scenes feel natural without drawing attention away from them or hiding any surprises under scrutiny.

The tension build in this great music videos,  as the lyrics to this track inch along, telling an emotional story of a relationship that’s slowly deteriorating. The piano chords progress quickly into something more intense with swords fighting in downtown restaurants and streets becoming full-on chaos until it comes crashing down at last.




8. ‘Karma Police‘ by Radiohead

Radiohead’s 1997 album OK Computer is one of their most popular albums, and it contains this masterpiece which makes its way onto this list of great music videos. This video clips closely resembles Blood Simple or Fargo with its moody abstract setting that has shades to each film in the Coen brothers’ catalog (Blood simple being more reminiscent). The violence lying just around the corner makes for striking viewing amidst all these congeniality however- don’t let your guard down!





9. ‘Take on Me‘ by A-HA

Have you ever seen the music video for “Take on Me” by a-ha? It’s one of those videos that is so strange and unique, it will make your head spin. The animation was created in 1985 but still remains popular today with over 1 billion views! And makes its way onto this list of great music videos.

The video follows a woman who gets yanked out of an café by lead singer Morten Harket and into his own personal animated realm, where they fall in love. They are chased throughout this colourful world as it disappearing around them. Great music videos

The 1986 MTV Video Music Awards were a turning point for great music videos. halfway through the decade, this event demonstrated how creative and technologically ambitious they had become.




10.  ‘Hardest Button to Button’ by White Stripes

Jack and Meg White’s 2003 single “Ashes In The Air,” from their album ‘Elephant,’ which makes its way onto this list of great music videos. Envisioned by director Michel Gondry, again the pioneer of greta music videos. However, when he pitched the idea for this video which features them performing while playing three different instruments at once– Jack’s guitar becomes a mass of sound that increases exponentially; Meg plays both keyboards simultaneously without missing notes – it became clear why they initially declined his offer! Thankfully they accepted and came out this beauty!

The ever-adaptable Gondry compromised and this mesmerising masterpiece was born. For those keeping track, it contains 32 identical Ludwig drum kits (32 Amplifiers!), 16 microphone stands as well one Beck cameo! This definitely makes for a great music videos!




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Written by Tina Quinnen