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Equipment Needed For Podcasts

Are you a podcasting fanatic? Have you been thinking about starting your own podcast but don’t know how the production elements of a podcast? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at No stairway, a video and audio production company, we love a good podcast and podcast production. We’ve made you a list of all the equipment needed for podcasts, so you can start your podcast adventure!


equipment needed for podcasts



What kind of podcast are you going to produce?

Having a good organised outline of your podcast ideas and themes is essential to your production elements of a podcast. Once you’ve got most of your ideas scratched out, then you can start planning your podcast episodes, the production elements of a podcast in pre-production, organise the equipment needed for podcasts, then recording, editing and even the production elements of a podcast in post-production process.

A Co Host show

This podcast type, in which you play the host of your very own show. Is usually just conversational – be it a topic or theme for their discussions! You’ll have all sorts go consultations with participants who share thoughts before getting into deeper topics together. These shows, usually require specific equipment needed for podcasts, such as two mics, two pop filters, etc. It is a good idea to think about your budget and how much equipment needed for podcasts you need.

Interview Based Podcast

The energy on an interview podcast is similar to that seen in co-host shows. However, one difference between the two types of programs features guests rather than hosts; this means they’re interviewing someone else and sharing their expertise with us. This type of podcast is usually interview based, bringing an external person in to share their insights on a subject and usually uses the same equipment needed for podcasts as a co host show.

Narrative Podcast

Narrative podcasts are a unique and engaging format that allow for flexibility in storytelling. Unlike other types of shows, narrative episodes do not follow one linear structure but rather rely on editing various content pieces together to create stories with depth; interviews, audio files music among others can be clips used according your desired goals – whether they be informative or entertaining. Equipment needed for podcasts is usually the same set up, one-mic is probably enough, but good editing software is needed for various editing additions.

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The type of Podcast you decide to create will effect the type of technical equipment needed for podcasts.

Equipment Needed For Podcasts

A computer

equipment needed for podcasts

As a podcaster, you’ll need to use some sort of recording and editing software in order for your show sound better. A DAW (digital audio workstation) can help with both aspects by giving producers more control over how they want their final product sounded like while also providing them easy access through an interface.



Luckily, you can use a Mac or PC to record your music. This is key equipment needed for podcasts. A desktop computer with either operating system will do the trick for us! Of course if there’s something specific about how much memory on an SSD drive etc., let me know so I’ll make sure not miss out during our chat and teach what might be helpful when trying new software like Garageband vs Logic Pro -Both platforms have great programs available in them which allow users access from all over



XLR or USB microphone. What’s the best podcasting microphone? That’s a question that has been debated for years and it’s difficult to say as microphones have been hugely popular as the sale of equipment needed for podcasts has risen. There are plenty of opinions and each person will tell you their favourite  mic is king, but in my opinion it really comes down to two things: sound quality (and how well your voice can carry) as well what type/cost breakdown might work better with your budget!

It’s important to know the difference between XLR and USB microphones, especially if you’re a singer. If your voice cracks when recording on an internal mic then chances are it isn’t sensitive enough for what we need! Here are the different microphone equipment needed for podcasts:

  • XLR podcasting microphones: has a 3 prong connection and is connected to a mixer and the computer. Typically used in professional setups.
  • USB podcasting microphones: connects directly to the computer via a USB port. Typically used by beginners who prefer an easier setup and less equipment.
  • Dynamic podcasting microphones: less sensitive to ambient noise but can have less a crisp and layered sound. Typically used by beginner podcasters who record in DIY studio spaces.
  • Condenser podcasting microphones: more sensitive to high frequencies and environmental noise. Typically used in recording studios with robust acoustic treatments.



equipment needed for podcastsThis mic is perfect for beginners and podcast hosts who want to record their show without having an expensive recording studio. The affordability makes it accessible even if you’re on a tight budget, but the quality of voice that this device produces still sounds great!

Audio Technica ART2100x


equipment needed for podcasts

Shure SM7B

The popular among professionals but expensive mic is perfect for capturing the qualities of male versus female voices. It has multiple settings to better capture what you need it do and also comes with components that shield against external hums, making sure your recording session goes off without any problems!



MXL 990 XLR Condenser

equipment needed for podcasts

In the world of microphones, this one will not disappoint. It’s a great starting point for those who want to make their home recording studio more professional-looking and sound better than ever before! You can’t go wrong with what we’ve got here – especially when you consider how affordable these things are too for equipment needed for podcasts.




For a more in-depth look at your microphone options, check out a more detailed XLR vs USB podcast microphone article.

Pop Filters

We all know that one of the most important parts about podcasts is getting a good microphone and recording studio, but what many people don’t consider are their pop filters. A filter will help you eliminate sounds like “pop” or when someone says words starting with “t,””b,”p.”.

Pop filters are a key equipment needed for podcasts as they have help make the sound smoother and clearer, Here are some great ones:

equipment needed for podcasts

PEMOTech Pop Filter

The compact and easy-to use vocal mic is perfect for a variety of microphones. The metal accents on the grill help produce clear recordings, while foam layers protect your voice from unwanted noise-guards!


On-Stage Foam Windscreen

Designed to give you a better grip on your mic, this accessory fits most standard sized microphones. It comes in three colours so that there’s one for every occasion!

equipment needed for podcasts


equipment needed for podcastsThe mesh pop filter is a must-have for any recording studio, and will quickly clamps around your mic stand. The flexible design allows it to be bent into any 360 degree angle so you can ensure that nothing gets lost in the background while capturing precious moments with clients or friends!





A Mic Stand


When using a microphone, make sure it’s on an even surface and not moving around. If you have pets in your household who may shake the room or other people walking by with shoes making noise on flooring above their own voices then consider getting special rugose stands for microphones that reduce interference from these things! A mic stand is a must equipment needed for podcasts:

K&M 25950 Short Microphone Stand.

The extra-low design (180mm floor to boom arm) is perfect for bass drums or other heavier instruments. The short and heavy legs provide maximum stability, making it ideal when you need your mic to stay put while playing! folds up easily so that they’re easy transport too – just extend the included 21140 extension tube from 420 mm upwards through any overhead projection point on stage


equipment needed for podcasts

Studio Arm Mic Stand by Gear4music

equipment needed for podcasts

Have you been looking for a mic stand that will work in both the studio and at home? If so, this one from Gear4music is perfect! It’s extendable to 70cm with an easy 360 degree rotation clamps/holder provided. Plus it comes equipped with everything needed – including podcasting capabilities, this is a great equipment needed for podcasts



What are the best headphones for podcasts? Well, that all depends on your budget! If you don’t have much money to spend then going with something like Apple’s standard in-ear option will do just fine. However if this isn’t an issue and instead premium audio quality matters most – there is a wide variety of better sounding options out their such as Bose or Sony models which can cost up into hundreds more dollars than what was mentioned above but provide significantly improved sound clarity when compared side by side.

equipment needed for podcasts

Acoustic Treatment


The acoustics of your recording location will affect how well you hear yourself on tape. For example, if there is too much natural reverb in an empty room or garage-type environment than this sound will end up being recorded along with what’s happening around it making everything else difficult to understand because they’re both playing at full volume through the microphone without any distinguishable differences between them due simply from their surroundings! Acoustic treatment is an essential part of equipment needed for podcasts, without it, you’ll just sound like an amateur.


The Foam Factory

equipment needed for podcasts

The Foam Factory has everything you need to take care of your space. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone!


Auralex DeskMAX Kit

equipment needed for podcasts

The world-famous company, Auralex is known for their high end acoustic treatments and equipment. These panels are portable which make them perfect to use on set or travel with you wherever life takesyou!

sE Electronics Portable Vocal Booth

equipment needed for podcasts


For anyone who’s already got an office full of sound absorbing furniture (like carpet, bookcases or a couch) this nifty little device will block out the noise perfectly. It attaches directly onto your microphone stand for easy installation and really brings that warm nostalgia feel back while you work!

Recording and Editing Software

This is the part of your work where you’ll record and edit audio to make it sound better than ever before! One of the most important steps in producing a podcast. You need to have an audio workspace that will allow you both recording and editing software, so choose wisely!





Adobe Audition

For any recording or editing help needs, contact Nostairway Here. Here’s some great further reading about equipment from our friends at Porch

Podcast Hosting Platform

And finally, not technically equipment for podcasting, but definitely a big part of podcasting, where will you share it on? The final step – uploading your audio files and creating an RSS feed for listeners who want more episodes of your show!

The best podcast hosting companies as of March 2022 are:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor
  4. Castos
  5. RSS.com
  6. Podbean
  7. Resonate
  8. Spotify


The process of purchasing podcast equipment can be overwhelming for aspiring podcasters. Some may opt to spend more on a microphone while others want the perfect DAW that will help them produce their show in post-production too!



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