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The Female BAFTA Winners of 2022

Despite women still getting disproportionally less nominations during award season, they won some major categories this year, reminding us that the film industry is not led by men like it used to be.

female BAFTA winners

Best Film

The Power of the Dog (2021) won this category. It was directed by Jane Campion, produced by Tanya Seghatchian and the cinematographer was Ari Wegner. So this film was made by a team of talented and successful women.


female bafta winners

Best Director

Jane Campion also won Best Director for the same film. There had only been 2 female BAFTA winners in this category, making Campion the third.




Best Actressfemale bafta winners

Ok this one’s an obvious one, but I still wanted to mention Joanna Scanlan and her powerful performance in After Love (2020). She was up against some women much more famous than her, in much bigger productions, so it clearly meant a lot to her to receive this award.



female bafta winners

Best Supporting Actress

Ariana DeBose won this for her role as Anita in West Side Story (2021). She had also been nominated for the Rising Star award, but went home with what is probably considered the ‘bigger’ award. 



Rising Starfemale BAFTA winners

Lashana Lynch received the Rising Star award this year, following her role in the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die (2021). It is a very validating award for any up and coming actor, confirming that their career is going places and they’re destined for success in the industry.




Best Adapted Screenplay

CODA (2021) is a unique film, it fits into the same genre and category as any lighthearted high school drama movie, but there’s nothing quite like it. The script is based on a french film from 2014, The Bélier Family, directed by Éric Lartigau. However, that version of the film was missing something important, deaf actors.female BAFTA winners

That’s something that Sian Heder remedied when she wrote and directed CODA, all the deaf characters are played by deaf actors. This gave Troy Kotsur the opportunity to win ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role as the protagonist’s father.

This is another category that rarely has female BAFTA winners.



Make up and Hairfemale BAFTA winners

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) added to the list of female BAFTA winners with Linda Dowds and Stephanie Ingram, alongside Justin Raleigh taking home the Make up and Hair award. A very deserved award considering the transformations they completed on their actors.


female BAFTA winnersCasting

Cindy Tolan is another one of the female BAFTA winners of the year, with her win for casting the incredibly talented actors and musical performers for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021).





Costumefemale BAFTA winners

Jenny Beavan is the last on our list of female BAFTA winners of 2022, with her not surprising win for Cruella (2021). Beavan has won 2 Oscars before for her work on Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and A Room with a View (1985), so we all expected her to do amazing work on Cruella, but she still managed to impress us.



An inspiring list of talented women, stay tuned for our updates on the upcoming Oscars too!



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