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Some great London Film Events to check out

In the meantime here is a feature film to watch for free in the UK – ‘7 Hours on Earth’ starring Ramona Marquez from Outnumbered.

If you work in the film industry, you know that networking is key to success. Film industry professionals gather at various London film events throughout the year to gain new contacts, discuss projects, and find collaborators. While some events are large and lavish affairs, others are more intimate and offer the opportunity to really get to know other professionals in your field. No matter what type of London film events you attend, it’s important to be prepared with a few key items: a business card, an elevator pitch, and most importantly, a willingness to chat.

Business cards are standard fare in any professional setting, but in the film industry they can be used to exchange contact information, promote your latest project, or even just start a conversation. An elevator pitch is a brief summary of who you are and what you do; it’s a great way to introduce yourself to someone new. And finally, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know – chances are they’re here for the same reason you are, and you never know where a simple conversation might lead. So if you’re looking to network with other film industry professionals, attending London film events is a great way to do it.

london film events

London Film & TV Job Fair

This is one of the great London film events for anyone looking for their next job in the Film and TV industry. They host a variety of stands, such as production companies on the lookout for new hires, feature and short films looking for crew and cast, industry recruitment companies, runner and crew agencies, casting and extras agents, as well as other useful resources on how to find work in the industry.

If you attend this event on the 9th of July 2022 you will get a chance to speak with employers, agents and recruiters in person. You may even get a chance to have a mini interview and make a good first impression on a company or individual, relying on your real self and personality, rather than a pdf document. You can also get CV advice from a professional, on how to improve it and get more positive attention from employers.

You won’t only be able to approach and speak with potential employers, but also potential future collaborators. The space will be filled with loads of filmmakers and TV professionals, ready to network and build relationships. It’s a great chance to meet more people in the industry, learn from them and hopefully work with them. You could end meeting film financiers, marketing specialists, actors or crew.

This event will take place ay the Haileybury Youth Centre and ticket prices range between £3.83 and £49.10, depending on the type of pass. Like many London film events it is hosted by Cine Circle.


london film events


Filmmakers’ Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ In Person Networking

As you can probably guess from the name, this is one of the more fun and casual London film events. On the 11th of July 2022 Raindance is hosting a networking event at Ruby Blue, near Leicester Square underground station. This is the perfect, low-pressure environment for anyone who wants to network in a friendly way. And especially if alcohol makes you more confident at pitching film ideas, this is the event for you, there’s even Happy Hour up until 8pm.

If you want to spend the evening with fellow filmmakers and film lovers, without necessarily pushing your project or actively seeking work, this is still a very fun opportunity to do so, you can simply spend the event chatting and making film friends, who you may or may not work with someday.

But if you are planning to sell yourself or a project, you will be given the opportunity to do so by addressing the room and any offers or requests. For example, you could stand up and say “I have written a script and I am looking for a producer” or “I am looking for work as a gaffer” and hopefully someone will then approach you to discuss it and get your contact information.

As this event includes the consumption of alcohol, or as the name says boozin’, you will of course need to be over 18 years old and show a valid form of photo ID. You will also have to book a ticket to the event in advance, which is free for any Raindance Premium and Pro Members, but even if you’re not one, it’s only £5! Regardless of what your role in the industry is, this is one of of the most exciting London film events.


Breaking into the Film Industry

You will come to find that Raindance hosts many London film events, including this class on how to break into the industry. This is part of the Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate course and is ideal for anyone looking to enter the industry but does not yet have a clear plan on how to do this. This class teaches people to find what interests them most and how to approach people in order to network.

It covers various important topics, such as how to create a showreel, how to present yourself, both in person and through writing, how to begin a career as a writer, director or producer, which tend to be the hardest to break into. And how to find other film crew jobs in any department, from sound, to art department, to post production and everything else.

As one of the London film events which caters those new to the industry, the aim of this class is to help you identify what you would like to focus on in your career path and create a personalised plan for it. This will all be taught through lectures which will be open to questions from all students. Anyone who aspires to pursue a career in the film industry is welcome to attend, whether you are a student, changing career or completely new to filmmaking.

This event will take place at the Raindance Film Training Centre on the 19th of July 2022, tickets cost £57.60.

london film events


BFI London Film Festival

London film events also include a lot of great festivals, which are not only a place to watch new and inspiring films, but also a place to network and further your career by meeting the right people.

The BFI film festival is a great place for filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers to do this. With over 300 films shown from all over the world, it’s the perfect place to meet other directors and producers. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn from industry experts, with Q&A sessions and panel discussions on everything from scriptwriting to distribution.

And if you’re looking for funding for your next project, the festival is a great place to start your search. With so many films on offer, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. So whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting out, the BFI film festival is the perfect place to network and learn more about the industry.


Raindance Film Training Open Day

Yet another one of the Raindance London film events, this training day is a great opportunity to check out film training courses, classes and workshops. This is ideal for people who are relatively new to filmmaking and want to explore different disciplines and crafts and figure out what they are most interested in.

You can do this by attending as many sample lectures and workshops as you like, which are delivered by film professionals. You will get the opportunity to network and have some drinks with the tutors and other attendees. The taster sessions will cover directing, screenwriting and producing. You can ask the team about flexible degree options based on practical work. If you feel like this form of learning is right for you, you can then apply to the Raindance film training school.

This event will take place on the 3rd of September 2022 and the tickets are only £10, one of the most affordable London film events.

london film events


I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the great London film events available, if you’d like to learn more about film and TV industry networking tips, check out our other article ‘5 Networking Tips for Filmmakers‘, and check back on the Nostairway Creative website for regular, helpful blogs by a video production company in London.