Here’s a few tips from our video production company’s last 12 months

Video production has been a rocky ride over the past year.  Here at this video production company, we faced our share of difficult situations, but we learned some valuable lessons along the way. In this blog post, we’ll share what we learned and how it helped us to grow as a company. We hope that you find these insights helpful and that they help you overcome the challenges in your own business. Thank you for reading!

Video Production Company1. Get the right talent

The key to success is chemistry. You can’t do it all by yourself and you should never forget that no matter what niche or specific industry you specialise in, there are always others who will help grow with your ambition as well! Find those complementary strengths- people whose skillset complements yours but also extends beyond it—and go out into the world looking for them because we know these talented folks don’t just hang around hotels waiting on casting calls…

2.  When you spot the latest video production gear, don’t buy it

One of my favourite things about being in the video production industry is that there are so many different avenues to explore. From blog posts on what new camera or lens will make your videos stand out, it’s easy for a gearhead like me start dreaming about all the ways this could change our work process and output creatively!
If you’re anything like me – someone who loves exploring everything from lighting techniques (love those photo-realistic looks) down through postproduction color correction methods–reading blogs can easily become an addiction where one minute I’m scrolling through Instagram stories then BAM next thing you know, I’ve spent my savings again.

The trick for any video production company is to hold back until the gear absolutely must be bought. This is never more so important than now, as business peaks and troughs like a kite.

Nostairway invested in computer equipment, cloud work flow and a gimbal. All were invaluable under the circumstances.

3. All video production is good video production

In quieter times, it pays to keep active. This is just as true with video production companies. This year we filled any space, caused by cancellations or simply no business, by offering to help out in good causes. We support several charities and quiet times are a good time to instigate a little video production project FOC for your local charity. We support ETNA, a local building facility that supports local groups and charities.

4. Keep up the marketing

The way to stand out from the competition is by being professional and maintaining high quality work. Utilise networking, social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for promotion of yourself as well as your video production business!
There are many things you can do that will help with showcasing what value YOU bring:

Market Research. It’s worth spending a little of your down time looking into new market trends and making sure you are still pointing your video production services at the right area. Showcase your value and networking. request referrals utilise all connections available including family members friends etc.; produce great looking material so consumers know exactly what they can expect.

5. Don’t neglect existing customers

They are probably struggling through the current climate too. Offer them a special deal while things are slow. But do make sure they understand that it’s for a limited time only. Clients quite easily get used to low prices and can expect it as the norm if it isn’t spelled out to them.