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How to Pitch Video ideas

pitch video


Whether you’re about to pitch video concepts to a client, or pitching a film idea for potential funders, you need to prepare for the pitch. Make sure you’re ready and confident to show off your idea in the best way possible and respond to any questions they may have for you. We are going to focus on how to pitch video concepts to a client, with some essential tips.




Focus on your best ideas

Once you have drafted a proposal for your video idea, read through it many times, cutting out any unnecessary information or anything you are not sure about. Only keep the points you are confident in and proud to present to someone. Redraft the pitch as many times as you need until you feel happy with it. Make sure every choice you make has a reason behind it, and always keep your client’s needs and goals in mind when you pitch video ideas to them.


Structure your pitch

When you pitch video concepts, you don’t want to just get up and start rambling about your idea. You need to have a structured and clear outline of how you are going to present it and help them visualise what you have in mind. So start out by thinking of an intriguing headline, otherwise known as a logline for a film, a catchy sentence that will pull them in, get their attention and make them want to listen to the rest of your pitch.

The first few lines of your presentation are referred to by some as a ‘flavour read’. This introduces your audience to the tone and feeling of your idea, unlike the headline, this will then continue into the rest of your presentation, but making it intriguing enough will make sure they keep listening.

pitch video


Combine creativity with strategy

When you pitch video ideas you need to make sure the audience can visualise it clearly, this means detailing the creative concept alongside your technical and strategic approach, without getting too lost in either.

You need explain every aspect of the video production, including the script, budget requirements and visual elements, but don’t get too caught up in details like camera angles or the soundtrack. Every stylistic decision you reference while you pitch video concepts should be significant and relevant. So if you decide to mention technical details, make sure you link them to the marketing strategy and how it will benefit their business.

pitch video


Use references

A great way to help people envision your video concept is to show them references of other projects with a similar style or aesthetic. You can do this by using both videos and images.

If you decide to link a video, make sure you provide a brief explanation of why you selected this particular one and what your video will share with it. You might specify that you are aiming for the same type of energy, but a different look, or a similar type of lighting but different tone. For example if you were creating a video for a company that creates online communication software, and want to portray its everyday use in your video, you might reference a video like this one by Nostairway:


Using images as references is common practice while you pitch video ideas of any kind. This will focus more on aesthetic and visual elements of your idea, as it gives them a specific idea of what your video will look like. A selection of references images is called a mood board and they are used for various pitches like event planning, film and theatre set decorating, and of course video production.


Make a storyboard

A storyboard is a graphic organiser which consists of images or drawings displayed in sequence to pre-visualise a video, animation or motion graphic.

Although storyboards are not considered absolutely essential when you pitch video concepts, they can be incredibly helpful. Not only do they show your client exactly what your video is going to look like, beat by beat, but they also show them how dedicated you are and how much time and effort you have invested into this idea.

The best way for your client to visualise your idea, is to hand out or screen your storyboard, while reading your script and presenting your pitch. There is lots of online software you help you create your storyboard.


pitch video


If you are looking for someone to pitch great video ideas to you, then get in touch with Nostairway today to find out how we can provide you with the best video production services for your business.

pitch video