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Video Production Agency in London

The Story Of How Our Video Production Agency in London Came About

Nostairway Creative is a video production agency in London with a difference. We founded the company in 2000 in the famous Teddington Television Studios. Originally providing music production and recording studio facilities, Nostairway soon became a popular destination for up and coming artists. Before long we were providing music promo videos and then we ventured into broadcast video. We have been creating engaging, effective videos for 15 years now and are looking forward to making many more.

The unique advantage of Nostairway Creative is its wrap-around service that provides every aspect of the digital creative process. This means that not only do our clients benefit from considerable cost savings, but they are kept up-to-date every step of the creative way by one of our friendly, knowledgable staff.  For instance, when developing an advertising video, we’ll start with discussing your marketing needs, work with your marketing department to put together a concept.

Then we’ll script, source talent from our sizeable roster of great actors and presenters, and arrange the shoot. We’ll then edit and provide the voice-over production. If planned, we will record your voice-over, often with one of our excellent voice-over artists. We can create original music. We have recently provided the entire post production to the hit movie 7 Hours On Earth also creating the score and featured music.  So we’ve come a long way since our first year in Teddington.


Our policy is to enjoy the things we do almost as much as our clients do. For a more serious policy, i.e. our privacy policy, click here.  If you would like to ask us something, anything, just drop us a line via our Contact Page. And do take a look at our Video Production News where you’ll find some really interesting articles to give you a flavour of what it’s like in a busy video production agency in London.