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Benefits of advertising videos

Video Production In London

Advertising videos are great for promoting businesses. If you have an online presence, advertising videos can be beneficial. There are four main aspects to marketing videos:

  • Engage- appealing to someone’s interests is key. Is it useful?
  • Educate- learning about something new. Is it beneficial?
  • Solution- solving the problem. Can it help?
  • Satisfied customers- happy customers will repeat purchase

Here’s an example.

Content for advertising videos

81% of businesses use video across websites and social media. Consumers like how convenient they are. Content is important as this is what you want to sell. There are four types of video marketing:

  • Informative – informing consumers about new products and services
  • Demonstration – showing consumers how your product or service works
  • Storytelling – telling the story behind the business. Why did you want to start up? What does this mean to you?
  • Testimonial – showing your consumers the end results. Showing proof that its worthy of your time


advertising videos


How to make advertising videos engaging

Keep it visual – A thumbnail presents a reduced sized portion of video. Pictures speak 1,000 words so this is important! Colours engage people because colours encourage emotion. For example: the sun in a thumbnail will be associated with happiness. As a result, a consumer looking for a happy video will be drawn to it.

Catchy headline – for many of us, we decide if we like a video based on visuals. The headline is just as important. Curiosity. For example: Is your shampoo giving you the best results? As a result, consumers will question whether this is true or not. Finding the answer may lie within your video.

Get them hooked- what will they gain from watching it. It’s good to establish this at the start. As a result, they won’t waste time. Remember you want them to sick around for 30 seconds.

Inspiration – you need to ensure that your message has an effect. Your message should make them feel something. For example: The benefits of our shampoo will make you look and feel great. The product will change your life for the better! This gives them an incentive to purchase.

Show your credibility – it is essential you back up what you promised at the start. Another good thing is to talk about subjects you know. As a result, this will ensure you are trustworthy based on your authentic knowledge.

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There a four factors to consider when it comes to your audience:

  • Age – you need to establish what age bracket you want to target
  • Gender – this factor is very broad so you have more opportunity to target a wider audience
  • Income – based on your product or service. Do consumers need to earn a certain amount and will this appeal to them?
  • Interests – based on the other three, is my good or product in high demand?

Social media

Social media is the fastest and most interactive way to promote your videos. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social platforms. Facebook currently has 1.65 billion users worldwide. The age bracket is between 25 and 34. Many of us see pop up ads on our news feed. There could be many who tune in to your video.

Instagram currently has 1.074 billion users worldwide. Users are generally under 35. Instagram has revealed that users spend an estimated 32 minutes on scrolling through the feed. This could give plenty of opportunity for your videos to be seen.

How to make them count.

There’s no question that advertising videos have the potential to be very effective. After all, they’re able to reach a wide audience and can be highly persuasive. However, simply making an advertising video is no guarantee of success.

In order to make advertising videos that count, businesses need to keep a few key points in mind. First, it’s important to ensure that the video is well-produced and professional. This will help to gain the attention of viewers and make them more likely to pay attention to the content of the video.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the video is clear and concise, as viewers are likely to lose interest if it meanders or fails to make its point quickly. Finally, advertising videos should strive to be entertaining as well as informative, as this will help to keep viewers engaged throughout. By following these guidelines, businesses can create advertising videos that are truly effective.


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