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Corporate Production Companycorporate production company

A corporate production company, such as NoStairway Creative, will typically work with a corporation or company to produce video content catered to what that company needs. Depending on the type of company the format and content of the productions will be very different.

What is a corporate production company?

Typically a production company is a studio responsible for bringing ideas to life through video content, handling the necessary process to produce content. Often making things from scratch off of the requests of whoever has developed the idea that a production company is working from. Whereas, corporate production companies will typically do this for brand material. Specialising in company aligned promotional videos, brand testimonials, training videos, product demonstrations and internal communications.

Why do businesses need professional video content?

Video content in today’s day and age is ideal for being able to communicate information as a company or brand to a target audience in a digestible way for their online audience. It allows for the company to summarise information, potentially about a new product or underlining company values, in a succinct amount of time that fits into many public platforms for distribution, such as social media.


Types of Corporate Videos

Promotional Videos –

Videos promoting a company from a corporate production company, are powerful marketing tools designed to showcase a company’s products, services or brand identity. These videos combine engaging visuals, compelling narratives and professional production quality to capture the audience’s attention and convey key messages effectively. To be able to drive sales and increase brand awareness, these videos will usually highlight unique selling points of the company and their products or they will create an emotional connection to the viewer.

With industry knowledge and expertise, corporate production companies ensure that these videos are strategically crafter to align with the company’s marketing goals and resonate with the target audience.


Training Videos –

Training videos from a corporate production company will educate and develop employees skills within an organisation. These professionally crafter videos provide clear, consistent and engaging instruction on various topics, such as bringing a new employee on board (onboarding), compliance with regulations, skill development and safety procedures.

The corporate production company will usually use video techniques in order to combine the visuals and narrative components so that employees grasp the information as effectively and efficiently as possible. Hopefully tailoring the video to employee performance needs, increased retention of knowledge and a streamlined training process for everyone involved.


Testimonial Videos –

Videos like these leverage customer or client feedback in order to back up claims and build trust and credibility for a business. Testimonial videos from a corporate production company usually feature happy, satisfied customers, sharing a positive experience and success story with the client/corporation. Professionally done videos merge genuine testimonials with high quality visuals and engaging communication or storytelling to make them as persuasive and relatable as possible.

Grounding a video in the real world outcome of the brand’s service or product, make them more tangible and less condescending than commercials typically. Using a more logical process to build credibility, testimonial videos from a corporate production company help customers make informed decisions, foster a strong connection to the brand and hopefully enhance the corporations reputation in the marketplace.


Event Coverage –

Event coverage by corporate production companies expertly captures the key moments and highlights of live events the brand has put on. Including conferences, product launches, trade shows and corporate meetings. Using professional videography, these companies document speeches, interactions and important happenings, producing a polished and engaging video record.

High-quality event coverage serves not only as a valuable resource for those unable to attend in person but also as versatile content for future marketing needs. By showcasing the energy, scale and impact of a corporate event, these videos help to enhance the company’s brand image, expand its reach and engage a broader audience.


corporate videosProduct Demonstrations –

Product demonstrations by a corporate production company, are used to show off a product or service’s best features and how it practically applies to the customer’s life. They will typically provide a detailed, visual walkthrough of the product, highlighting its unique selling points and practical applications. By combining cleat explanations professionally made visuals and real world scenarios, a product demonstration video can demonstrate the value and functionality of a product to customers.

Corporate production companies will tailor these demonstrations to align with a brands principles, messaging and intentionality behind a specific product or service that is being displayed. Therefore supporting the company’s marketing and sales objectives, practically,


Internal Communications –

Videos like these produced by a corporate production company, serve as effective tools for disseminating important info and fostering engagement within organisations. These videos are tailored to address internal matters such as company updates, policy changes, training modules and employee recognition initiatives (time off, flexible hours, social recognition).

Through professional production techniques, corporate production teams deliver messages in a clear, concise and visually appealing manner, ensuring that employees stay informed and connected with the company’s goals and values. Whether it is a CEO’s message, a training series or a team building activity, internal communication video play an important role in enhancing employee morale, productivity and cohesion.


Video Production Process

Corporate Production CompanyPre-Production –

For a corporate production company this will normally consist of all the planning before starting to shoot a video. It involves thorough brainstorming sessions, where the client’s goals and vision are discussed in detail. Next the company will use storyboarding, scriptwriting and shot-lists to to conceptualise the visual style and shape the final product.

Additionally, logistical considerations such as location scouting, talent casting and budgeting are meticulously addressed to ensure a smooth production process. Effective communication between the production team and the client is key to align expectations and deliver a video that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

pitch videoProduction –

In the production phase of corporate video production the planned concepts and scripts from pre-production come to life. This stage involves setting up equipment, coordinating talent and capturing footage according to the storyboard and shot-list. Directors will work closely with camera operators, lighting technicians and sound engineers to make sure each shot meets the desired aesthetic and technical standards. Attention to detail is paramount, as even the smallest elements contribute to the overall impact of the video.

The keys to this part is efficient time management on behalf of the corporate production company and clear communication to keep the project on schedule and within budget. Flexibility is another factor, important in the ability to make adjustments on the fly due to unforeseen circumstances.


Post-Production –

Lastly in post, the raw footage captured during filming is transformed into a polished and cohesive final product. This stage involves meticulous editing, where the footage is trimmed arranged and enhanced in order to build the actual story. Skilled editors work with visual effects artists, colourists and sound designers to refine the visuals, add graphics or animations and improve audio quality. Music selection or composition is carefully curated to evoke the desired emotions and complement the content of the video itself.

Additionally, the client’s feedback is incorporated during this phase to ensure the video aligns with their visions and objectives. Quality control measures are implemented to guarantee that the final product meets the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness. Once complete, the finished video is delivered to the client for distribution or presentation, marking the ending or a collaborative and creative production.


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