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7 hours on earth

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7 hours on earth

7 hours on earth is a hit movie which was helped made by a film producing company called no stairway which is about a bunch of aliens being downloaded into a high school where they try to make sense of teenage love.  It puzzles them greatly, but they invent an app to try and make everyone happy. This comedy is based upon shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This film was rated a 6.1/10 on IMDb and 4.5/5 on Amazon UK. It was directed by Pat Sharpe who also directed the film school’s out which was rated a staggering 7.3/10 on IMDb. The guardian wrote an article on the movie and they had this to say “The film is a seriously impressive achievement by the inspiring teachers and kids at Graveney. Certainly, it’s more professionally made than a fair few low-budget films I’ve seen, though I did wonder whether the English department was consulted about using number “7” in the title, rather than spelling it out as seven.” The star of 7 hours on earth is the great ramona marquez. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/oct/07/7-hours-on-earth-review-schoolkids-alien-shakespeare-comedy


Nostairway-A film producing company

Nostairway creative is a film producing company in london with a difference.This film producing company was founded in 2000 in teddington television studios.Originally it was for providing music production and recording studio facilities, Nostairway soon became a popular destination for up and coming artists.The unique advantage of Nostairway creative is its a wrap-around service that provides every aspect of the digital creative process. A video production company in london called Nostairway provided the entire post production to the hit movie 7 hours on earth.Video producing company

Ramona marquez

Ramona marquez was hired to act in the film 7 hours on earth by a film producing company called nostairway in which she played a character called charlotte in the film.Romana has was also cast in the popular british tv show outnumbered.

Roman marquez was born februrary 24th 2001 in London England in 2009 she appeared as imogen pollock in the made for television movie enid, detailing the life of children’s writer Enid Blyton. Later in 2009 she became the first child to win the British Comedy award for ‘best female comedy newcomer’. Ramona has also appeared in the kings speech as princess margaret and arthur Christmas as the voice of gwen. Her father is also an actor called Martin Marquez.Ramona marquez

Patricia Sharp

patricia sharp is an award winning director who directed 7 hours on earth working alongside the video producing company nostairway she’s also known for directing other films such as flying with came out in 1990 and night duty which came out 1991.

she won the screen power festival award and the boden international film festival award both of these were for 7 hours on earth. she also directed the popular movie schools out which got given a 7.3 on imdb.

Martin Marquez 

Martin marquez was born on october 8th 1963 in coventry to anglo-spanish parents, his English mother having met her husband whilst on holiday in spain. He is the father of ramona marquez whom he worked alongside in the film 7 hours earth and he has a younger brother called john marquez is also an actor.

Martin first appeared on television in The bill where he portrayed detective sergeant Danny Pearce. He also had small roles in such series as Doc Manoj tin, The Catherine Tate show, Elizabeth I, The business, Eastenders and bedtime. From 2006-2009, he played the character of head barman on the television series Hotel Babylon.In 2013, he appeared in the new ITV comedy drama the job lot, playing security guard Paul. He was in the award winning play les miserables where he was apart of the ensemble.

new alien movie

Martin Marquez as Mr Merriweather