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BAFTA Nominations 2022 announced

Award season may not be asBAFTA nominations 2022 big a deal at your home as it is at mine, but hopefully you are still excited about this years BAFTA nominations 2022. All 25 categories are equally important and exciting, but unfortunately they are too many to go through here. So instead let’s take a look at some of the ‘biggest’ ones that people tend to be most invested in, Best Film and Best Director.

Best Film

Belfast BAFTA nominations 2022

Written and directed by this film is definitely a front runner this award season, and has been nominated in 6 BAFTA categories!

When Buddy is thrown into a world of violence and terror, he finds himself on the wrong side. His family’s home is stormed by an angry mob who break everything in sight- windows smashing ,fridge exploding etc…This event completely changes our character as we watch this loyalist play out across Ireland during The Troubles.

Don’t Look Up bafta nominations 2022

Written and directed by , this production possibly has the most recognisable cast of all the nominations this year. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and many more big names.

Dune bafta nominations 2022

‘s adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel has gained much more praise than David Lynch’s 1984 version. It has received an impressive 11 nominations!


Licorice PizzBAFTA nominations 2022

continues his successful career with 5 BAFTA nominations for his romantic coming of age film. Despite the inappropriate age difference between the couple, audiences have been loving this production, which includes legends like Sean Penn and Tom Waits

The Power of the Dog BAFTA nominations 2022

As predicted in our previous blog, Jane Campion‘s new Western has done very well in the BAFTA nominations 2022, with 8 nominations. Unfortunately the only female made film up for Best Film, but at least her work is getting a lot of recognition once again.

Best Director

After Love – Aleem Khan

bafta nominations 2022A powerful film about grieving and uncovering old secrets. Aleem Khan first gained attention for his work when he was nominated for a BAFTA for his short film Three Brothers (2014). It is included in 3 categories in the BAFTA nominations 2022.

Drive My Car – Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

Bafta nominations 2022A beautiful, melancholic story about love, loss and creativity. I might be biased because it’s based on Haruki Murakami’s story, who happened to be my favourite author for years, but this is definitely one of my favourite films of 2021.



Happening – Audrey Diwan

BAFTA nominations 2022Another film based on a novel, it depicts a woman’s experience with abortion during a time when it was still illegal in France. Although it is only up for Best Director in the BAFTA nominations 2022, it is a very impressive category to be nominated in.

Watching this week in competition at Venice, it’s impossible to avoid thinking of the recent Texas abortion law. The film’s setting fifty eight years ago must have been so different than ours today. However, it seems few lessons have been learned from its passage!

Titane – Julia Ducournaubafta nominations 2022

As mentioned in our previous blog about successful female filmmaker in 2021, Julia Ducournau became the second ever woman to win the Palm D’Or. This unique film is not for everyone, as it contains some very graphic and disturbing imagery, but it is definitely impressive and memorable.


Check out the rest of the BAFTA nominations 2022 on the BAFTA website and try to catch as many of them as possible before the award ceremony on March 13th. If you have access to cinemas, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and YouTube you can watch pretty much all of them, otherwise with any of those you can manage a few.