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Some of the many benefits of London Video Production

London video production


Endless talent: Crew and Cast

We are all aware that a lot of global talent gathers in London, especially when it comes to the film industry. In fact, even though only 13% of the UK’s population resides in London, 63% of actors are based in London! So you’ll never struggle to find performers of all levels and backgrounds for your video production.

This wealth of talent is not restricted to acting, there are countless London video production crew members ready to take on any role from videography, lighting, sound and anything else you might need.

london video production

Countless collaborators and employers

Not only is London full of creative talent to collaborate with on projects, it is also full of businesses looking to hire video production companies for their marketing or training videos. In fact, in 2020 it was calculated that there were 1 million businesses based in London, the most of any other UK region. London and South East England combined account for more than 1 third of all UK businesses.

This opens up many opportunities for London video production, as any company nowadays requires this form of content for their website and social media pages.

london video production


Great filming locations

There’s no denying that London is full of beautiful settings for a video shoot. If you’re going for nature and greenery, there’s countless large parks with ponds, fountains and a variety of trees and plants, you can even find nature reserves for a more wild, natural look for a video. If you’re going for something more urban, the city has endless backdrops that can make any London video production look impressive. Not only will the video be aesthetically pleasing, it will also be obvious where it’s set, relating to all other London residents.

London video production




Networking events

Being in a city full of creatives sounds great, but sometimes you need a more formal setting to meet them in, to share ideas and create future collaborations and partnerships. This is why London hosts so many Networking events for people in the film industry. Many of them are free, some not, but you can book them through eventbrite, along with many masterclasses and talks about the industry and various roles within it. Attending cinema screenings with Q&A’s can also be a great way to meet people in the industry.

Access to equipment

Finding filming equipment, particularly affordable kit, is absolutely essential for any video production. Thankfully, in London you’ll never run out of options. There’s countless kit hire shops all around the city where you can rent everything you need. You can also use an app called Fat Llama, to rent equipment directly from people for much more affordable prices. And since there’s so many video professionals in this city, there will always be options on the app.


london video production


For any of your London video production needs, contact Nostairway today for a chat and a free consultation. We provide all stages of video production, as well as voice overs and photography.

London video production