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My Top 5 videos of 2021- by a video company production assistant

Despite the challenging circumstances, 2021 was a great year for video production.

Ranging from adverts, to music videos, creatives everywhere were creating daring and original content. These are the ones I found most memorable. This video company is inspired by the endless talent out there.

5. Make the connection – Israeli Advert

Television adverts rarely stick with us, unless they’re funny enough to gain meme status online. This is an example of an advert which went viral in Israel and internationally, due to its daringly honest message. It was created by an organisation trying to help people make the connection between the animals they love to pet and those they love to eat. It is a simple video, filmed entirely inside a supermarket. When a woman asks for the freshest lamb the butcher has, she is given a live one. She remains silent as she holds the baby animal in her arms, letting the situation speak for itself and making the audience question whether they could eat an animal that ‘fresh’.

4. Stuffed – Dir. Theo Rhys

No matter what you think of this video, you definitely won’t be forgetting it any time soon. In this short film a taxidermist becomes determined to stuff something completely new, a human. A man online volunteers to be her specimen, wanting to preserve himself and never perish from age. They are the perfect match, but perhaps too much so, as they instantly form a connection that makes them question their plan.

Oh and it’s a musical! The video production was not afraid to disgust its audience, with very realistic props put together by a clearly talented art department. If you love Sweeney Todd and want some new musical horror in your life, I definitely recommend this film. I came across the video in this Short of the Week blog: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/news/best-short-films-2021/  

3. Águilas – The New Yorker Documentary

This short documentary is proof that good video making does not always require glamour and flash, but just engaging and interesting content. The film follows the Águilas del Desierto on one of their expeditions. They are a group which searches the Arizona desert for migrants who have gone missing while crossing the border into the US. The video production is slow and simple, yet engaging. It reminds us of the struggles some people face, but also of the efforts others make to help them and their families.

An example of minimalist filmmaking, with a powerful message, this short video is receiving the attention it deserves at festivals worldwide. There should be more video companies or video productions like this.

2. See what three degrees of global warming looks like – The Economist

This insightful video production combines found and original footage, accompanied by a descriptive voice over, to paint us a clear picture of the effects of global warming. We often speak about climate change in vague, theoretical terms, but this video helps us see what reality will be like if the global temperature rises by only 3 degrees celsius. It addresses the devastating impacts climate change is already having on the planet, making places uninhabitable and created climate refugees. It reminds us that nowhere is safe from these disastrous consequences, and that even though there are ways to somewhat adapt to new temperatures, the best thing to do is avoid reaching them in the first place.

1. Sansara – We will become better

When it comes to video production London festivals are an easy place to find hidden gems. This music video directed by Andzej Gavriss takes us on a 6 minute journey through the relationship of a same sex couple, kept apart by the Anti-LGBTQ+ laws and mentality in Russia. Their distance is portrayed through perfectly timed editing and cinematography, as they dance together, but in different homes. The lyrics and choreography contain a powerful message about couples getting through their circumstantial difficulties, even if they have to do it apart.

The music video was released right before the 1 year anniversary of Russia banning same sex marriage, making a very brave statement. It was a festival success, gaining attention for its editing, production design and more, and winning awards at multiple London film festivals. It reminded me how lucky I am to live in a more accepting place, but also motivated me to keep making impactful videos. I hope more video production companies in London and everywhere are inspired by this too.

For more great content keep an eye on Nostairway Creative, we’re working on lots of new projects in 2022.

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