A creative video company

is a development from the days when production companies provided solely the production aspect of the process. The clue is in the name, many video production companies now involve themselves with the creative process as well.  This is certainly the case with Nostairway Creative. video director

TV adverts

Some years ago there was a gap between client and the finished content they wished to commission. This gap is traditionally where the advertising agency came in. However, with technology democratising the industry, many companies found embarking on the whole creative marketing process out of their budget.  Some companies still spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on their TV ads (or online ads) starting the exercise with a meeting with an advertising agency. The ad agency would explore the key market, the gaps, the goals and come up with an idea that encapsulates the client’s key needs in a  audio/visual concept. It wasn’t until this part of the process had been agreed upon that the ad agency then went to a preferred production company and briefed them on what was required. This could take a long time and cost millions. No surprise, then, that many production companies began to feel that they could do, at least in part, the job of the ad companies.

Take a look at this example of a traditional advert.

Production Companies

Production costs have been falling for many years. So, as soon as a major client hears that a competitor has a successful campaign that cost a half or a quarter of their last ad, the overall price expectation comes down a shade and more companies attempt to cut out the initial agency in favour of initiating the creative development themselves; with the help of the production company.

Hence, traditional video production companies started to employ ad execs and creative people to their roster and the creative video company started to appear.

The old traditional method still exists and indeed the advertising industry is currently alive and well, albeit with one eye on their waistline. But the ever-increasing demand for advertising content is accommodating a duality with, even, a smattering of role homology.


But businesses need to advertise and the old method is expensive, so creative video companies will only benefit from this growth.

Take a look at our Video Page for a few examples of the creative video process.