At Nostairway we recently completed a creative video production in London. Two of the stars of our recent film production 7 Hours on Earth, Rufuat Awolope and Adam Seredji got infront of the camera to test out a new screenplay.

Take a look at what we created.

We filmed in The King’s Arms, a beautiful pub near Tower Bridge. You can see some of the decor in the beckground of the shots.

On the day of filming the pub was actually closed, so background audio was added during post production. We used audio effects to make it sound like a music venue buzzing with customers. The lack of customers or extras meant we also had to be careful when shooting wide shots not to expose the empty pub and ruin the illusion.

This creative video production introduced two characters, Max and Stevie. Max, heir of Cozier music. Stevie, aspiring musician. We wanted to play with breaking the fourth wall. Stevie does so to talk to the camera at different points in the video. This is the first time we have worked with the stars of 7 Hours On Earth since the film completed filming in late summer 2018, and look how they have changed.

You can see them in the trailer for 7 Hours on Earth here.

We had three crew members for our more recent video production project. Camera operator, boom operator and clapperboard operator. our camera operator was also directing the shoot. The clapperboard operator took on the role of continuity as well. This was a small video production crew but worked well for the scale of the project.

We completed post production in our office in Teddington, before we moved to Chiswick and have since used the video to create showreels for actors Rufiat Awolope and Adam Seridji.

We had fun producing this creative video and will be filming more soon with our new studio set up in Chiswick.

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