The short answer is yes, everyone needs online video production.

Almost 90% of World Wide Web data traffic is now due to video.  This is not an anomaly.  Online video production is integral to almost every form of internet presence. From small retail businesses to global corporations and there is a slot for a video in every nook and cranny of their online real estate.Online video production

Online video production accounts for a great deal of increased industry too. As the use of the web for information distribution increases, demand for usable content follows suit.

No wonder, then, that we see an increase in video production companies such as Nostairway Creative. A Video company big and experienced enough to create first class video content but small and agile enough to retain the personal touch that got us here in the first place.

How do we create our online video production.

Nostairway Creative is structured around multi-discipline.  By collating every skill required to create good corporate video content then we can provide the most efficient video production service available.  For example, perhaps you have introduced a new product to your online shop and wish to make the most of its freshness.

Nostairway will start by working with your marketing department to ascertain the exact gap in the market for your product. Then we’ll decide on the demographics of your clientele with statistics and analytics and new areas. 

The proposal.

This will determine the concept we provide which, in turn, will be the basis for the script we write. We will then arrange the shoot, source the talent, edit, provide voice over if necessary and the other elements that make your online video the perfect content.

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Here’s an example of the finished product

Sometimes clients just want help with part of the video production process. Perhaps just the editing or the filming, the voice over or the post audio.

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