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Film post production companies are responsible for everything that makes a film. Film post production is when you assemble all of your footage and sound recordings and get
creative to achieve the finished product.

film post production companies voice-over timeline The sequencer timeline depicting a session combining voice and music

There are several processes that are involved in the post production process. These include:

  • Editing raw footage
  • Dubbing
  • ADR/Foley
  • Special effects
  • Sound design
  • Music
  • Colour grading

To name a few. With larger film production companies, there may be several people working on the film that specialise in a particular area of production. The team is an essential aspect in filmmaking. Communication is key because everyone is working towards the same goal.

Editing – film post production companies 


Editing is a process of arranging and manipulating the footage from the filming process. Editing is a very artistic and creative job. The director works very closely with the video editor in order to create the vision of the film. This process includes techniques such as cutting, crossfades, dissolves, jump cuts etc. These techniques are very important to the story being told. For example, jump cuts cut out important parts of the action and is a very sudden transition.

This effect creates a sense of curiosity and in entices the audience to watch the scene very closely. An example of some clever transitions is the film trailer Old 2021.  

Click here to watch the Old trailer 

Post film audio production companies – what they do

Post audio production is all the stages of audio production. From recording audio, to mixing, to synchronising it with footage. Film post production companies such as Nostairway creative specialise in post audio production. Our company has provided production work for many companies over the years including Moonpig and Agria vets. Nostairway has recently created a huge amount of work for the feature film 7 Hours On Earth. This includes:

  • ADR/Foley
  • Sound effects
  • Sound design
  • Opening and closing credits
  • Visual effects

Post audio production in film is a crucial part of our cinema experience. Audio production is naturally created when video is recorded however it is replaced with ADR – audio dialogue replacement. This is because the original dialogue that was recorded during shooting wasn’t the best quality and never is.

This is why ADR is used in film, TV and advertisements a great deal. During the post audio production process, actors will be called in to record the replacement dialogue that will then be synced with the video.


Foley is a sound effect technique that involves recording everyday sound effects and blending them in a soundtrack. Recording usually happens during post production. Foleys are designed to replace audio to make the sound effects more realistic. Continuity with these sounds are very important to the narrative of the film.

My experience recording Foley was very good. My colleague Lily and I had gone through the film and made a long list of sounds we needed to record. We watched the film quite a few times to see where the errors were. We went to a local park to record a couple of things we had on the list. Atmospheric sound was a little tricky as people kept on walking by or there would be a bird that constantly made noise.

It’s amazing to think that I never would have spotted these errors before going through the film, watching from an editor’s perspective. During this process, you watch a film differently to how you would at home. This never leaves you! I constantly listen out for continuity and analyse scenes to see if it is Foley, most of the time it is.  

Special & visual effects

Special and visual effects (also known as SFX and VFX) are created in post-production. An example of special effects is Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. This film was made using special effects or practical effects. The apes were created using a motion capture suit, a special suit used in films to capture real life movements of actors. Movements are later applied to a digital 3D character in post-production.

Companies such as Centroid specialise in motion capture and are at the cutting edge of special and visual effects. Motion capture records the movement of the body in real time and records data

Nostairway creative composed music, audio, score, opening and closing credits and visual effects for the feature film 7 Hours On Earth. Our film has been featured in:

  • Screen power film festival 2021 – Won
  • Sunset film festival Los Angeles 2021 – Nomination
  • Sochi film festival 2021 – Official selection



Audio producers – what do they do?

Audio producers in production companies are responsible for producing voice overs, composing songs and recording radio shows. They work very closely with voice artists. Audio producers are responsible for overseeing sessions and ensuring everything is recorded in good quality for the finished product. It is a hands-on job as they often work on multiple projects at once.

Film post production companies such as Nostairway creative, specialise in audio production. We create radio shows on a weekly basis. Our company also provides voice reels for multiple artists. I have found my experience working with one of our regular voice artists very insightful.

I advised our client on choosing the best audio tracks that should be used in order to present the highest quality voice reel possible. It is important that audio producers have a good ear for listening out for any croaks in the voice, plosives that may affect the quality and breaths that affect the flow.  


Editing in audio software – Logic Pro X

An editing software like Logic pro X really helps make your workflow efficient. Logic Pro X is a digital audio software that only works on Apple devices. This software has had a recent update that includes a range of cool new features that are very useful in post-production. These include:

  • Live loops
  • An update on sampler
  • Drum synth and step sequencer

Logic Pro X is very beginner friendly which makes it great for people who are just starting out in the industry. Many musicians and composers use logic for their projects. Film post production companies such as Nostairway creative love using logic for their workflow.

My experience using Logic pro X has been good. I enjoy editing on this software as oppose to Protools first (which is free). I like the layout of logic better as it’s easier to navigate. The collection of instruments, effects, loops and samplers are great tools to work with. Due to the software’s huge library of resources, it makes editing show reels and radio shows really easy to do.