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Film Production Company London

What is Film Production? And Film Production Company London?

Production means ‘the process of manufacturing or growing something in large quantities’. Therefore, film production would be this but for films and as a video production company in London we are very interested in this process.

This would mean that you would need someone with an idea, which, with the help of talented writers, can create a good script. This script goes through many drafts, until it is perfect. The average number of drafts a script goes through is around 20. Heres a link on how to write the perfect script.

This is confusing  because we don’t know how the director got away with such a poor script. Not only did it have to have had around 20 drafts, but it would have also had to have gone through dozens of people to make sure nothing else needed improving before the film production began; but we digress.

Why Film Production Company London?

London is a bustling creative place so no wonder its film market is growing in success! Around 134 feature length films are made by film production company London each year, in Hollywood the average is around 400 films, but the market and space in Hollywood is considerably larger so not bad London!

Film Production Company London

How is Film Production Company London made?

The next step to producing a film would be that you would need a cinematographer who can truly capture your vision. They would need to be able to understand how to work the camera and set it to how the director would have imagined it, but would also have to be confident enough to suggest their own tweaks and improvements for the benefit of the shot. This would infer that communication is key, right?

Sometimes on a film production company London set, communication is non existent. Sometimes cinematographers  set the camera however they want without explanation, and the directors  reply with a single ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This means that the shot set ups would take ages, sometimes hours at a time, while the actors and rest of the crew would stand idle, doing nothing.

After everything is set up and shot, and the team was happy with everything filmed, The footage would be sent to the editors to sequence the shots together, thus creating a whole movie.

At this point, sets still have about 3 major beats to finish after the director’s accident.

Film Production Company London

The Film Production incident

I’ll try to map out the set so that you understand what fully happened. We were in a large studio, where the actors were in front of a green screen. To the right of the filming set was a ladder that led to a metal platform, so that a crew member could pour water from above with a metal keg, to create the impression of a waterfall.

Even though the keg was held by a rope so that it didn’t fall, there was also a circle marked on the floor in bright yellow tape. This was the forbidden area to enter in case the keg fell from above, fatally crushing anyone below.

Well, on this particular day, I was needed to pour the water from above. As predicted, the director had already taken about seven takes, and people were starting to get frustrated as it was an hour over lunch, as often happens in film production.

Luckily, on this rare occasion, he showed mercy and broke us up for lunch. Before I went down, I noticed that the rope’s knot was loose. It was my job to tighten it. I undid the whole knot to start again, and I was just about to tie another, when the director called me down.

Oh well. I’d do it later. He told me to get him a coffee from the cafe, so I did. When I came back, he wasn’t there. ‘He’s gone for a ciggy break’, one of the ADs told me. Fair enough. I put the cup of coffee on the table and noticed he had left his glasses on there!

I went to pick them up to give them to him, but they fell on the floor. I went to pick them up off the floor, but I had accidentally kicked them into the forbidden yellow circle. I wasn’t allowed in the circle, and by then, the director had called everyone back to start filming again. I had no choice but to go back to my original position.

I lifted the keg up to the ledge of the platform, and noticed that no one had yelled ‘action’ yet. He was looking for something. Then, the same AD pointed toward the yellow circle. The director was walking into the yellow circle to retrieve his glasses! I was so shocked that he had broken his own rule that the keg slipped from my hands, right on top of him.

It was a fatal accident. A rare but not unheard of event in film production.

Like I said, it wasn’t really my fault at all. Everyone on the film production was so tired form working so hard that anything could have slipped from our minds. This one just happened to benefit me, unfortunately. There was no need for an investigation, because everyone saw, it was an accident. Now we just need to get this film production done, for the director.

This story is FICTION!



NoStairway Creative 

Video Production Companies in UK – London

Nostairway is one of the top Video Production Companies in UK based in London and providing video production services nationally. When it comes to video production London has a great deal of choice and we never forget that. Nostairway has plenty of experience taking our clients’ messages and portraying them as succinctly and clearly as possible.

Using video production Companies in UK as a vehicle to promote your product or service in the most efficient way to spend your marketing budget. The combination of media at your disposal can be blended into something very potent.  Video images, voice over, motion graphics, all supported by text can really get across what you want to say to your customers.

Why Nostairway?

As one of the top video production Companies in UK , Nostairway has created innumerable promo videos, online adverts, training videos, music videos, how to videos and much more.  We take our clients marketing needs and start at the very beginning, working with your marketing department, planning your strategy, storyboarding the original concept, sourcing talent in front of and behind the camera.

Speaking of cameras, a good camera to use is the Sony A7iii.

Film Post Production

Film post production is now part of the NoStairway group of services.

Complete Service

This includes Visual Edit, Post Audio, SFX, Sound Design, Music Score, Featured Songs, ADR and almost every other service associated with film post production.

New Film

Team nostairway have recently completed post on the excellent new feature film, 7 Hours On Earth Reviews in the national and industry press were very favourable and it’s now received major awards and nominations.

You Choose

Nostairway london video productions are as flexible as your film production needs, providing single audio services such as ADR or packaging the whole thing up whereby you really benefit from keeping everything under one roof.


7 Hours on Earth Film Production

We worked on this hilarious comedy starring Ramona Marquez, Rufiat Awalope, Byron Easmon and Gus Find-Henry. A teen romcom where Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Third Rock with aliens and devices that make you fall in love and all while addressing issues around gender identity. What could possibly go wrong??

 Winner of Best Music in a Feature Film at the prestigious SIFFA Awards festival, Sochi. Read more https://www.nostairway.com

Ramona Marquez is not hard to recognise from her last role as Karen in the hit BBC sitcom, ‘Outnumbered’.

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Film Production Company London