So what is the official order for screen credits in a film? Well, opening credits and closing credits are different in a couple of ways. Firstly, the order of opening credits is more rigid than closing credits. Opening credits end with the director’s name whereas closing credits will often start with the director. Closing credits can also vary depending on the level of involvement for example. But here is the basic accepted order for film credits.

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Order of opening credits.

the opening credits of a film are more rigid than the order of the closing credits. the typical order will be as follows.

1. The distributor

The film distributor is usully responsible for financing the film, they are different from the prodution company.

2. The production company

They work on creating the content. Thy are usually involved in multiple aspects of video making.

3. The filmmaker

You may sometimes include this credit to say “A (Name) Picture” which would set the audience up for this filmaker’s style. This can be contraversial as it can potentilly alienate the other collaborators.

4. Film title

Self explanitory.

5. Cast

The stars of the film will be placed top, with their supporting stars coming after them.

6. Casting director

The person who was in charge of gathering and auditioning the talent into roles.

7. Music composer

The person who created or scored the music in the film

8. Costume designer

In charge of wardrobe for all actors and extras.

9. Associate producers

Second hand to the producer

10. Editor

Cuts the film together.

11. Production designer

Designs the set in the director’s vision.

12. Director of photography

Or cinematographer, works with camera and lighting to make sure the action is captured in the way that the director wants.

13. Executive producers

This role involves a number of things, including overseeing the producers on behalf of the financers or being the person who initiated the project.

14. Producers

Producers also have a number of roles including managing the budget, cast and crew hiring and operations of the set.

15. Writers

The screenwriters who wrote the screenplay.

16. Director

The director gets the last title card.

Order of closing credits.

The closing credits can vary a little more than the opening credits. There are some factors which can affect the order, such as level of contribustion and the number of people involved in the production.

1. Director

2. Writers

3. Producer

4. Executive producer

5. Director of photography

6. Production designer

7. Editor

8. Composer

9. Costume designer

10. Visual effects supervisor

11. Casting director

12. Co-producers

13. Leading cast members

14. Unit production manager

15. First assistant director

16. Second assistant director

17. Full cast list

18. Stunt department

Including the performers and choreographers.

19. Production departments

Grips, electric, sound, wardrobe, art, hair and makeup.

20. Postproduction departments

Assistant editors, foley artists, colorists, and visual effects editors.

21. Music credits

For those in charge of preparing, orchestrating, and editing the music.

22. Caterering services and craft services

23. Second unit

In charge of shooting supplement footage for the film.

24. Title design

25. Special thanks

26. Logos for guilds

Involved in the production, like the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the equipment makers.

27. Shooting locations

28. Final sound mix recording studio

29. Copyright

30. Disclaimers

Confirming the fictional nature of the film and adherence to animal welfare laws, if applicable.

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