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There are lot of issues you may encounter when using music in your video productions. In this article I will try and simplify things for you. I’ll also tell you some of our favourite sites to get music from for our productions.

In short, song copyrights create rights issues when downloading and using music in your videos or podcasts etc. To avoid any legal issues you should have an understanding of the legalities of music.

Alternatively, I have included a brief list of our favourite websites to use music from. Some of these are royalty free – which means the user only has to pay a one-time licensing fee and not for recurring use of the piece. Some are public domain which means they do not have copyright and can freely be downloaded and used for your videos.

If you’re already tired and want us to sort out your music for video, or the whole video, then get in contact with us HERE. We’d love to hear about your next project.

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Our Top 8 Music Resource Websites

1. Audio Network – Click Here

We actually used Audio Network just the other day for background music on a voice-over reel for one of our artists. Audio Network has loads of music and you can find it by genre which is great when you know the mood or creative direction you want for your video. It then has different licensing options at different prices, starting at £5.99 each for basic, non-commercial use. It’s overall a really practical and affordable solution which great options!

2. YouTube Audio Library – Click Here

YouTube has this library full of free, public domain music which can be used in your videos. It is super easy to download any tracks you like in the Creator Studio in your YouTube account. If you go in the library you will likely recognise a lot of the music from your favourite YouTubers. But there are gems to be found if you need background music to fit into your videos.

3. Bensound – Click Here

Artist Benjamin Tissot has created this website and uploaded hundreds of tracks which are great for corporate videos, documentaries, . The songs are free to download with attribution or you can pay $129 for a year of unlimited downloads.

4. PremiumBeat – Click Here

Premium beat was made by the same people as Shutterstock, which is a great site for finding stock videos for green screens. Their philosophy is “stress-free licensing” with curated tracks for all of your creative productions. They offer a subscription service, which is $64.95 a month for five tracks. Useful if you’re needing a steady flow of high quality music for video.

5. AudioJungle – Click Here

AudioJungle has over half a million tracks from all genres with licensing fees stating at just $1. It is another favourite for online creators because of its ease of use and range of music.

6. SoundCloud – Click Here

You’ve probably heard of SoundCloud being used as a resource for new artists to display their music to the internet. On SoundCloud you can find music that sounds more like “real” music than some of the other sites listed. You need to follow the guidelines listed by the artist if you plan on using their music for your video, but is is free and there is a huge amount of quality music to choose from.

7. Amazon Music – Click Here

Amazon music actually has thousands of tracks which are available to download and use in your video production. They are royalty free with prices starting at only $0.99. They are also organised by genre, making it really easy to find something suitable for your project.

8. Nostairway Creative – Click Here

Here at Nostairway we can make our own music so that it suits a video perfectly. We have also produced original music for film. You can see an example from our award winning film, 7 Hours on Earth below this. If you’d like to talk to us about producing original music for your video then get in contact with us, we’d love to hear from you.

So, those are our favourite sites to use when we are producing video, podcasts and voiceovers which need background music. I hope the list is helpful and get in contact with us for any help with video production in London.