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Creative video productions - Final Cut Pro

Final cut pro is the best editing software to use for creative video productions. Here at Nostairway Creative we use final cut pro for all of our video productions because of the efficiency and great features the software has to offer.  

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Creative video productions – post production. 

Night-time shooting doesn’t always work out. There can be many factors that may compromise your efforts such as poor weather conditions. Post production is where your inner creativity starts to shine. Post production  is where anything is possible. Although production (filming) is just as important because without completing this stage, there would be no footage to edit with. So let’s go through the steps on how you can achieve day to night in final cut.  

Four simple steps

Step one – open up a new project. When trying something new in Final Cut or Logic Pro X etc, I always like to open up a fresh project so that I can start from scratch.

Step two – go to file and import your footage. I recommend that you take some shots of the sky (if you don’t have footage of the sky already) so that you can see the comparison between your day and night shots.

Step three – press the effect tab which be on the right-hand side. The button looks like two squares overlapping each other. The effects tab will show list that has a variety of effects. Click on the all video and audio option and type day into night in the search box at the bottom of this tab. Click and drag the effect on to your sequence.

Step four – you can now start to play around with the effect. Firstly, you want to turn the amount down to zero, fast forward about 3-4 seconds and bring the amount back up to 100. This is what is going to give you the day to night effect. These steps are for creating this effect on a single clip.

If you want to look into advanced features in final cut pro, click in the link below.

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Our company Nostairway Creative is a creative video productions company. I think that using final cut pro in post-production is the best part of the job. Nostairway has recently created a short video clip. We shot the clip in Tower Bridge and it’s set in a very quirky pub. The edits on this film were done in final cut.

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Creating sky replacement with thunderstorm

Creating sky replacement with a thunderstorm is very simple. The best thing to do is make sure you have footage that has a clear sky. This will make it easier for you to apply a thunderstorm effect because you won’t have to edit anything out. I will leave a link for a thunderstorm effect that’s free so you can have a play around in final cut.

Click here to download the thunderstorm effect

Step one – the first thing you need to do is import the video clip and the thunderstorm effect. One you have you clips in the timeline, you need to get rid of the sky (in the video clip) to create the thunder and lightning scene. To do this, select your video clip, click on the effects tab and select keying. Click and drag the keyer effect on to your clip. Once that effect is selected, you will see all of the functions within that effect on your right-hand side.

Step two – once you have access to the functions, click on sample colour and select the sky. If the sky on your clip is too big, you can select sections. The sky should now have a black background.

* I usually have the shrink and expand setting on 0.5 because I prefer the look it gives my videos but this is personal preference. The fill holes setting I put up to about 2, sometimes more depending on how much the keying effect has taken away.

Step three – drag your thunderstorm effect underneath your video clip. The thunderstorm effect should now be present in your video clip. You can now manipulate the effect. I recommend you drag the clip up so that it’s lined up with where the sky starts. You can play it back to see if you are happy with it by pressing space bar.

Step four – if you are happy with how your clip is you can stop here. In this step we are going to make the thunder and lightning more intense because there may be black areas that you want to fill. To do this, copy your thunder and lighting effect and drag it underneath your original thunder and lighting clip. It is important to make sure that it is set to add on the blend mode setting under colour board 1. You can find this under the effects tab on the right-hand side. This will allow both thunder and lightning clips to play at the same time. Now there will more lightning present in the sky and less black areas.

Step five – if you want to add the day to night effect on your clip to make it a little more realistic or to just have a play around, this step is for you. Go to your search bar and type in day to night in the effects tab. Click on the effect and your clip will quickly transition to night-time. You can go on to the parameters of this effect and change the amount of darkness on your clip.

Step six – If you find the day to night effect too dark and want to add some light to your clip, this step is for you. To do this, copy and paste your thunder and lightning effect and drag it on top of your original video clip. So that it is sandwiched between your thunder and lighting effects. Go back to your effects tab and type in blur. Click and drag the gaussian blur into both thunderstorm clips. In the gaussian parameter settings, turn the amount up to 100 and then turn the blur boost up to around 6. These will create a light flicker effect which will add to the whole aesthetic. Again, make sure the blend mode is set to add so everything plays together.