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Everything you need to know about being a Video Production Runner.


Production Runner!

production runner

Production runners are an integral part of the production team. Their job is to copy call sheets, sides and scripts as well distribute it around for each individual crew member so they can get back into full swing with their work schedule once again after taking care all this paperwork that needs doing!

An example of a film in which Nostairway managed production is – ‘7 Hours on Earth’


Production Runners,  will be responsible for assisting the producer and other production staff in ensuring that everything goes off without any hiccups. This includes taking care of basic tasks like making sure equipment is working properly or answering questions from extras about what they need to do next scene-wise!

They do all sorts of office jobs like answering the phone, filing paperwork and entering data. Sometimes they even book travel for you! They manage a float (a type of business where people often work from their home), buy stationery or snacks to keep everyone stocked up with caffeine-filled energy drinks so that there is no lack when it comes time to start your day at 8am sharp as usual – thanks runners!!!


As a production runner, you’ll need to do everything from answering the telephone and delivering post for clients all over town. You can also use your expertise in getting equipment delivered right where it needs be or carrying around cables & scripts while filming takes place!

You’ll be in charge of handing out post and messages to colleagues within the production team, helping set up a location for a shoot and packing up. You help with getting props, costumes.

Keeping everything clean and tidy, making tea, coffees and lunches for everyone on the production team.  Managing petty cash, looking after guests, taking messages and just helping everyone out in general.

The production runner position is integral in making sure everyone is okay on set and that everything is always sorted and you’re there to help if things get tricky.

production runner

How to Become A Runner?

The production runner role is a fantastic opportunity to gain vital experience and knowledge of the broadcasting industry, with networking opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s also seen as one step on your path towards becoming an influential media worker or even running for office!

Learn to drive 

Having a driving license puts you at the fore-front when production companies hire. The fact you can get around hiring kit and helping move integral equipment to set.

Take a first- aid and health and safety course 

Again, it makes you stand out as a key, useful crew member.

Get Work Experience 

Contact Video Production Companies and ask if they can hire you on a volunteer position as a runner. Helping make coffees and sorting out paperwork for free, just to get a taste if its for you!

Or try and get a job as a Production Coordinator or Receptionist.

Working as a production coordinator will give you the experience to work in any industry. You could also consider becoming an administrative assistant for commercials or animation companies, which is always needed!

Get onto ScreenSkills’ Trainee Finder scheme. This will help you make the contacts and build up the industry knowledge to work in the art department of a film or TV drama.

To get more information in becoming apart of the camera department, visit: Screenskills, How to become a Production Runner. Go to ScreenSkills information on apprenticeships for the main apprenticeship schemes in television. learn how to build your sound portfolio.

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