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How to watch the Oscars this week

Oscar buzz has been in the air for months, starting with rumours of what will get nominated way in advance, followed by the official nominations and now the ceremony this Sunday night, although if you’re based in the UK like us it’s technically Monday morning. They can be hard to find online, so this will be an easy and clear guide on how to watch the Oscars in your location, whether that’s live or the next day.

how to watch the oscars


How to watch the Oscars Live

In the US

The Academy Awards ceremony will be taking place on Sunday March 27th at 8pm ET. They will be screening live on ABC, which is available through most satellite and cable providers in the US. If you don’t use a cable service and prefer to watch things on your computer, you can catch the ceremony on ABC.com and the ABC app.

You can also watch them on many TV streaming services, such as Hulu + Live TVFubo TV, and YouTube TV which give you access to ABC. They can all be quite pricy to subscribe to, but they all offer free trials you could sign up for and then cancel after the Oscars.


In the UK

If you’re wondering how to watch the Oscars in the UK, then stock up on coffee or energy drinks, because to watch it live you’ll be up all night. Due to the time difference with the US, the ceremony doesn’t start until 1am in the UK, in the morning of Monday 28th of March.

It will be available to watch on Sky Cinema Oscars, a sub-channel of Sky Cinema. The ceremony is usually followed afterwards by a highlights reel on Sky Max. If you don’t have Sky TV already you can learn how to sign up here. Alternatively you can stream it online through NOW, with a NOW Sky Cinema Pass. If you want to watch them for free you can get a 7 day free trial on NOW.


how to watch the oscars


How to watch the Oscars the next day

In the US

If you are not available to watch the ceremony on Sunday night, you can catch up the next day. It will be available on Hulu’s on-demand service on Monday 28th of March. This subscription costs $7 per month.

In the UK

If you want to know how to watch the Oscars, without braving the all nighter to watch the ceremony live, if you have work the next morning or your flatmates don’t want you making noise on a Sunday night at 3am, you can always catch up on it the next day. It will become available to watch on Sky the next morning as of 9:30am.


how to watch the Oscars


Which films should you watch before the award ceremony?

There’s no point knowing how to watch the Oscars if you’re not prepared. If you want to feel extra invested in the Oscars ceremony, you should probably try to watch as many nominated films as possible, you might not have enough time for all these suggestions, but they’re a good list to pick a few from.

Jane Campion‘s Power of the Dog has received the most Oscar nominations this year, with a whopping total of 12 categories, including Best Picture and Best Director. Making Campion the only woman to to ever be nominated twice for Best Director and this only the 8th time a woman has been nominated in this category.

Dune, directed by , is the runner up for most nominations this year, with 10 categories, including Best Picture.

Steven Spielberg really showed off his endless range this year by directing West Side Story. The remake of the classic musical was a great success, with 7 nominations including Best Picture and Best Director.

Tied in third place for most nominations is ‘s very personal childhood story, Belfast with another 7 nominations. This one is also up for Best Picture and Best Directing.

King Richard closely follows these with 6 nominations, including Best Picture. This heartwarming film was directed by .


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how to watch the oscars



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