GoogleMost businesses are trying to improve their google search rankings. Whilst there are lots of techniques that work to boost your SEO rankings – including backlinks, keywords and site optimisation, you may not have considered the benefits of video marketing on your site.

You might include images in your blog posts and web pages with optimised alt text to boost your SEO, like we’ve done here. They can break up text and create interest, but video can do the same, and maintain interest even more.

How Video is Good for SEO

Google loves video, varied content will boost your rankings and especially when it contains video. Embedding video into blog posts will help keep your readers engaged and can convey more than just words can.

Google Analytics

One way video can boost your rankings is by bringing traffic to your page and keeping it there. If there is video on your page then this will increase the time people spend there and subsequently improving the bounce rate. There you have a boost for your SEO and search ranking!

Video marketing for your business is a useful tool to boost your business. Professional video production will be the most engaging content to keep people on your site and market your product or service.

When you have a professional marketing video to use on your site you can boost your SEO even further with a few more steps. These include

  1. A video transcript with keywords that you are trying to rank for.
  2. Backlinks.
  3. Engaging video thumbnails.
  4. Keyword labels.

So, videos are great for your SEO! They can increase your google ranking and display your product or service in the most effective way possible.

If you need help with your video production then contact us HERE. Nostairway Creative produces high quality video and audio and we’d love to chat with you!