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Screenwriter jobs in production

There are several jobs in production that could be ideal for you.

 Screenwriters have the responsibility of writing scripts for commercials, TV and film. The script is the most important part. All other jobs in production work from the script.

Creative individuals would be an ideal candidate as 60% of the writing makes up the idea for the production. 


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Voice artist jobs in production

A voice artist is someone who creates content by using their voice. For voice artist jobs in production you would need to record a voice over in good quality (ideally professional) to send to voice over agents.

  There are a particular set of skills you must have in order to fulfil this job. These skill are:

Credibility – a voice artist is an actor therefore their performance should be believable

Variation & versatility – having range is a very useful skill to have. Variety in different voices could increase your chances of employability

Lip syncing- this is when you lip sync in time with the image on screen. This skill is very useful in TV and Film


Film editor  


A film editor is responsible for editing video footage and audio until the director is happy with the final result.

During this process, you really start to see the production coming together. Editing has a big impact on the whole production as it constructs the vision of the script.

A career in this position requires a particular set of skills. These skills are:

– Technology skills (premiere pro, final cut, photoshop)

– Production and processing

– Communications and media

– Creativity

To name a few


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Music composer 

A music composer is someone who writes and directs original music for different types of media production. This includes:

– Video games

– Films

– Tv

– Theatre

Music is an important aspect because it sets the scene for storytelling. For example, the Jurassic Park 1993 film score (composed by John Williams) is one of the most famous soundtracks in history.

It is very important to get the right feel for the music as this will ultimately connect the audience to what they see on screen.




Film director 


A film editor is the top position on a film set. They are responsible for the final outcome of a production. A director will typically employ the heads of departments. For example, the casting director, cinematographer and composer to name a few.

There are several duties a film director has such as:

– Organising rehearsals

– Audition actors

– Choosing sets and locations

– Communnicating with all departments

– Keeping the vision alive

– Supervise all aspects of production

– Overseeing the budget

To name a few

Directors are the reason why a production is created. It’s their vision coming to life.

An example of a successful director would be Tim Burton. Tim has a wonderfully eccentric vision for his fantasy films. In 2010 Tim Burton brought his Disney live action remake Alice and Wonderland to our screens. This is his highest grossing film which made $1,025 billion dollars.


Click here to see Tim Burton talk about his idea behind Alice In Wonderland





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A presenter is responsible for being the public face of the show they are hosting. They present information such as facts and news to a number of people. There are certain characteristics that make presenters appealing to an audience. These include:

– Enthusiasm 

– Knowledge

– Eye contact

– Confidence 

– Charisma

A great example of a successful TV presenter would be Sir David Attenborough. His success has lead him to have a popularity rating of 83% and fame rating of 98% in 2021.

As the UK’s favourite naturalist, he will certainly be among one of the most successful presenters in broadcasting history.



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