London Video Productions come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at a few.

Video Production London

When it comes to video production, London has played host to more than its fair share. Being the capital city of the country helps I guess. London also hosts the HQ of most major media corporations in the UK. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that London video productions enjoy a prominent spot on the video production map.

I thought to would be interesting to look at some London video productions that actually reflect the city they were made in. This could be a feature film, an advert for an information video. London provides a smorgasbord of locations unequalled in its variety and diversity. So here are a handful of eye-catching London video productions made in the capital.

Going underground

I’m not certain of exactly how much of the video production in this film clip was shot below the streets of London, but it does give you a good idea of rush hour traffic in the capital. The film is Skyfall. James Bond has to allow an escaped baddy into the underground. The scene illustrates very accurately the layout and atmosphere in London’s rush-hour tube network.

Back to school for video production

Nostairway Creative provided the post production to a feature film last year called 7 Hours on Earth. The film was shot entirely on location in a South London school. Some of the aerial shots gave us a fantastic city-scape. The film stars Ramona Marquez, who starred in the BBC’s long running comedy, Outnumbered. It also starred Rufiat Awalope, who’s debut was in this film. The viewer gets a good impression of life in a big, London secondary school, thanks to superb cinematography by Sam Pearce.

7 Hours on Earth Starring Ramona Marquez, Rufiat Awalope, Gus Flind-Henry and Byron Easmon. Karl Queensborough, star of the west end’s Hamilton, made a special appearance.

London Video Production isn’t new

Of course, shooting scenes in London isn’t a new thing. London has been the focus of what we would now call ‘Videographers’ for over a century.  A quick scout through google will reveal a myriad examples of film companies in London taking advantage of their surroundings. Here’s one of my favourites from British Pathé

Got to have a London Music Video

What list of video productions would be complete without a music video?  Ben (Doc) Brown created this song based on the Ben Aaronovitch book Rivers of LondonThis video clearly depicts the uniqueness of London life in a clever and slightly humorous way.

And to finish our examples of video production London, I thought you’d appreciate a well made, clear, concise video tour of this great city.

The Nostairway team are always happy to give advice and help wherever we can. So, if you have any questions about video production in London, one of our videographers will be happy to discuss free of charge.  Just drop us a line here.