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Music video production is an art form. This is one of the most influential ways to portray a message or story through visual representation, using textured images and sound. Music videos tend to be provocative yet art education for many young people today, provides a deeper meaning than just art

This form of art provides an educational experience and meaningful context that makes music videos more accessible to a wider audience. Pamela G. Taylor from the National Art Education Association says “music videos appear daily on computer, television, cell phone, and iPod screens in homes, health clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and the palms of our hands”.

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There are 7 different styles of music video.

Performance – music video production

A performance music video is all about the artist/artists performing. There is no storyline. Just a collection of various different camera angles or a single scene following the movements.

Narrative music video production 

There are two types of narrative music video production. Linear which is the storyline structure beginning, middle and end narrative. Fragmented music videos depict the lyrics in the song without actually showing them in the video.

Mixture of all videos

A mixture combines narrative and performance. The narrative ultimately becomes the ‘b-roll’ in the video whilst the artist is featured.  

Animated videos 

These videos follow a script and are created digitally. A series of frames that contain fast moving pictures are used.


Surrealist videos

Surrealist videos consist of weird imagery that maybe strange to some people. These videos are often memorable for its hard to believe representations.

Parody or Pastiche videos

A parody is a style of video that mimics the work of another person in a ridiculous way. These videos are used to create a funnier version of the original and it’s all done in a playful way. This parody is about Nicki Minaj and a different take on her original song Check It Out featuring Will.I.am.

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A pastiche is a style of video that blurs generic conventions and boundaries. Pastiche can also combine various other genres to create a narrative that is unique.

Cameo videos

Cameo videos basically means that there is another famous person being featured in the music video but they don’t perform. The artist singing the song will usually be shown in throughout the video in separate shots.  

Here are the top 5 music videos I just love

Sleeping At Last is my favourite band. There were three members to begin with however the band split in 2009. The lead singer Ryan has gone on to record beautiful songs such as Turning page for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1. The video production for this music video is just amazing. Saturn is my favourite music video because it has given me so much inspiration for my own work. The time-lapse of the sky is one of many reasons why I think this is some of the best videography I’ve seen.

I love the connotations of colour in this music video. The message being portrayed about feelings and how they are colour is a really cool concept. I love unity in the video. Everything is united such as race, gender and sexuality. There are some great fade outs in there too.  

This music video is a classic. I remember growing up listening to this song. It was appealing to me because of the dogs in the video, a great way to grab an animal lover’s attention! The song was used in the children’s film Rugrats In Paris: The Movie.

Michael Jacksons Thriller is one of the most iconic music videos of all time. This video was awarded a Grammy for the greatest video in long-form. The movie theatre scene was so iconic that Michael eating the popcorn was made into a gif. Let’s not for get the memorable zombie dance that everyone went crazy for. I performed this dance as a zombie way back in college and it was such an honour to do.

Paula Abdul’s video is such a throwback for me. I remember watching the video and thinking MC Skat Cat was so cool. I wanted to meet him. I was so fascinated by live action and animation being combined because the accuracy of the cartoon walking up the stairs was on point. Paula Abdul done a great job acting in this video.