Online advertising – we discuss if it is the new TV

My introduction to online advertising video was back in 2008.  I was called in to create a video for a well known web site,  Pistonheads The idea was for 10 members to test drive the new Mini JCW by racing them around Brands Hatch, the famous race track in Kent,  The day was a great success, everybody was impressed by the cars handling and race quality and, of course, they said so to the camera.

Wow! Look at that!

I remember thinking to myself “hang on, Pistonheads viewers are all petrol heads with good expendable incomes who may well be in the market for a new toy should the opportunity arise. This is the most focused advertising I’ve ever witnessed.” Thus started my obsession with online advertising advertising in action - our advert for Powwownow

There is a fundamental difference between TV ads and their online equivalent. While TV ads are often created from market research data and placed on spots where the demography of the audience best suits the target market, you can never fully ignore the fact that TV ads are still more of a scatter gun approach. Channels often boast of tens of millions of viewers for certain peak show, but who are these millions? Take X-Factor, for instance.

Who’s watching?

Everyone from your great grandmother down to your 4 year old son will put aside the time to watch; what can you sell them?  Washing powder? Chocolate? A car? Only a very small percentage of those millions will have any interest in your product or service. Furthermore, they didn’t tune in to look for examples of your wares, they want to see the next emotional (highly believable) rollercoaster story unfold on stage.

One size fits all?

Scattergun? But look at Pistonheads! These ‘viewers’ are actively looking for cars to drool over, they have a reasonably high income and have been known to submit to impulse purchase urges from time to time. You can’t buy that kind of focused audience (well actually, you can but that’s another story).

The test

Take a look at your web site and imagine a TV advert right there on the home page.  It’s an easy test. Once you start looking for online advertising videos, you’ll find it becoming a habit.

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