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Cinematography Oscar Nominations 2022

oscar nominations 2022

Best Picture and Best Director always get loads of hype and attention around awards season, but another part of video production which really defines a film and its success, is cinematography. So let’s take a look at that category’s Oscar Nominations 2022 and the films which have impressed us visually this year.




Oscar nominations 2022Greig Fraser has been nominated for an Academy Award for his cinematography work on Dune (2021).

He has worked on many major film productions, such as Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Vice (2018), and the new Batman film The Batman (2022) as well as TV series like The Mandalorian.

He has been nominated for an Oscar before, in 2017 for this work on Lion (2016).

Dune is still screening at a few cinemas in London and is also available on Amazon Prime, although unfortunately it is not free with a Prime subscription. It’s worth a watch as it has a total of 10 Oscar Nominations 2022!




Oscar nominations 2022

Dan Laustsen has been nominated for an Academy Award for his cinematography work on Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley (2021)

He has worked with Del Toro before, on The Shape of Water (2017) for which he was also nominated for an Academy Award. Both these films have also received BAFTA nominations for cinematography.

Nightmare Alley is up for 4 Oscar Nominations 2022, including Best Picture. You can currently catch this at various cinemas in London.


Oscar nominations 2022Ari Wegner has made history this year by becoming the second woman to ever be nominated for an oscar in cinematography. The only other woman nominated in the category was Rachel Morrison, the cinematographer for Mudmound (2017).

Wegner has received this nomination for her work on The Power of the Dog (2021) which has also received the most Oscar Nominations 2022, with a total of 12 nominations!

She has also received a BAFTA nomination this year as well as many other festival nominations and awards.

This film is available on Netflix.




oscar nominations 2022Bruno Delbonnel has received an Oscar nomination for his cinematography work on The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021), which stars 3 time Oscar winner Frances McDormand and 2 time Oscar winner Denzel Washington.

He has worked on other films which left an impression with their cinematography, such as Amelie (2001) and big productions like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) for which he received another Oscar nomination.

In fact, he has received a total of 6 Academy Award nominations, but is yet to win! Maybe this will be his year.

The film is available on Apple TV and is still showing at some cinemas in London.



Oscar nominations 2022Janusz Kaminski, has received his 7th Oscar nomination for cinematography! And if he wins it will be the third in his collection, as he already won the cinematography Oscar for Schindler’s List (1993) and Saving Private Ryan (1998).

This year he is nominated for his work on West Side Story (2021), continuing his well established partnership with Steven Spielberg.

This film is still screening at a few cinemas in London and is also available on Amazon Prime, for £3.49.

It has received 7 Oscar Nominations 2022, including Best Picture.



Hopefully you get to see as many of the Oscar Nominations 2022 this year before the ceremony. If you want to watch the award ceremony live, you can do so on Sky Cinema, or get a free trial subscription to NOW TV. The event will take place on Sunday 27th of March 2022, although due to the time difference, it will be live in the UK in the early hours of the morning on Monday the 28th. So if you plan on staying up to watch them, maybe see if you can get the next day off work if you start early!



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