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Following the recent news of the return of renowned British family sitcom Outnumbered, staff at NoStairway were reminiscing on the memorable moments from the show over the years.

In a genre of sitcoms, where family dynamics are often portrayed with a touch of exaggeration, Outnumbered effortlessly stands out for its hilarious chaos. This beloved TV show, which ran consecutively from 2007 to 2014, knows how to redefine what it means to have a family.

Outnumbered Overview

Set in the fictional Brockman household, Outnumbered follows the lives of Pete and Sue and their three children: Jake, Ben, and Karen. As the title suggests, the parents find themselves constantly outnumbered and overwhelmed, leading to a series of comical mishaps and unscripted chaos that never fails to entertain.

With its improvised dialogues and naturalistic acting, Outnumbered captures the essence of everyday life with a quirky and endearing charm. The show expertly mines the chaos of family life for laughs, offering relatable and humorous snapshots of the challenges and joys that come with raising children.

Bringing to life memorable characters and relatable scenarios, Outnumbered masterfully blends comedy and authenticity to create a sitcom that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into the hilarious chaos that makes Outnumbered a must-watch comedy, exploring its unique approach to family dynamics and its enduring appeal.

Outnumbered Character run-down:

Pete – The jaded father of the family, often attempting to reconstruct organisation amongst the chaos of having three children, Pete seems run down by life. He is a teacher at an inner city school, with a discipline in history which his students do not reflect. Often Hugh Dennis brings a-lot of comedic wit to the character opening him up to make quips toward the other characters, consequently bringing more trouble.

Sue – The part time working mother of the Brockman family. Although, Sue is relatively weathered by the life she leads she still remains slightly more optimistic than Pete, attempting to approach the obstacles in their domestic life in a slightly more positive way. However, this is often her downfall such as when she decides to remain positive about her boss Tyson, whilst Pete repeatedly warns her about him. Sue then discovers him to be a fake business leader.

Jake – Portrayed by Tyger Drew-Honey, Jake is the eldest child of the Brockmans. He begins the series as an 11 year old but ending it at 17 years old as he ponders his future options. He is often the most sensible one out of the family, bringing a sense of understanding beyond his years as the series progresses, whilst remaining a sarcastic, emotionally closed off teenager.

Ben – The eccentric middle child, Ben is the child out of the three most likely to flat out refuse authority whether that is the authority of his parents or his teachers. Ben is very curious toward most academia particularly science, however his impulsive behaviour leads him to be the culprit for many chaotic incidents throughout the four seasons.

Karen – The youngest and only daughter of the Brockman family. Karen is incredibly intelligent but she seems to get drawn into the romanticised aspects of life and idealising certain things that her family, more specifically Sue, try to push against. She tends to have issues with the other girls in the class and being dragged into their way of life before sticking to her own ideals and wit, instead of high heels and reality tv. Ramona Marquez does a great job with her character, another example of the actress work can be seen in No Stairway’s feature film ‘7 Hours on Earth’ in which she stars as the protagonist. An article about her most recent work can be found here.


Our Favourite Outnumbered Episode

Ben’s Camping Trip: Series 4 Episode 3

  • Ben goes with his school to adventure camp, his teacher Mr Hunslet attempts to keep Ben’s behaviour in line but he ends up having to surrender when Ben tells a story so scary one of the girls has an asthma attack and passes out. The funniest part of this episode for us has to be the moment Ben calls Sue and Pete to inquisitively ask them what his blood-type is.

Karen and the Sleepover: Series 4 Episode 3

  • In the very same episode Karen goes on her first proper sleepover with Tanya, resulting in Sue going full mum mode and trying to protect her from feeling like she has to conform to typical gender expectations of women as Tanya wears makeup and high heels. The episode ends with arguably one of the funniest quotes of the series where Sue happily tells Pete she has to go pick Karen up as Karen “has just shat in their bidet”.


Funniest Outnumbered Quotes

Karen: “Mummy, do you believe in God?”

Sue: “Mummy’s unblocking the sink darling.”

Ben: “Can I watch Little Britain?”

Pete: “Have a guess.”

Ben: “Yes.”

Pete: “Have another guess.”

Ben: “Is this fruit bread mouldy?”

Sue: “That’s not even fruit bread, bung it in the compost.”

Jake: “Come on Mum. Everyone’s got a fake ID.

Dave’s got one that says he’s got diplomatic immunity”

Karen: “I don’t like salmon. It’s too orange. I don’t eat anything orange.

Except for oranges – because they admit they’re orange.”

Ben: [On the subject of funerals] “I went to a cremation once.

And there was this bouncy castle and a magician, and I remember

this body that was going round and round on this pole over fire.”

Pete: “That was a hog roast.”


Jake“Hey Dad. Look at David Beckham’s latest tattoo.”

Pete: “God, what does he look like?”

Jake: “He looks good.”

Pete: “It used to be only sailors got tattooed. But now every morning on the tube I’m surrounded by human billboards with snakes peeping

out of their sleeves. In 40 years’ time we’ll be the most unattractive nation on the planet. Everyone will be covered in very wrinkly, sagging

reptiles. I reckon anyone who gets a tattoo needs a brain transplan- you’ve got a tattoo haven’t you?”



The 2024 Return!

The BBC announced on the 23rd May that there is going to be a brand new Outnumbered Christmas special in December. ALL of the cast members will be returning on screen to be back in the Brockman family for the festive episode.

The last episode or reprise of the show at all was 8 years ago in 2016, long before the child actors have now grown into full adults. Due to this the special is going to be set in a downsized home that Sue and Pete now own that they live as just a couple once again as their kids have flown the nest. One of the creators of the show Andy Hamilton has said that the Brockmans would be presented as their older selves “but not necessarily wiser”.

This return to our screens was one of several commissions announced by the BBC at the Comedy festival in Glasgow on the 23rd of May, in an article that the BBC published Claire Skinner (Sue) said that she is “really looking forward to being reunited with my TV family. Working on this wonderful BBC comedy doesn’t feel like work and is one of the greatest joys for us all.”