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The Photographic Image

plays an important part in the media industry.  With the expansion of the internet for just about every conceivable task, good photography is still stepping up to the mark and providing essential content for campaigns. Here are three galleries to give you a feel of the Nostairway approach to the still image  You could also try reading this excellent article on taking pictures. Sometimes, the difference between an average shot and a superb one lies in the hands of the taker.  Perhaps it could lie in the equipment. Generally, though, the magic is found in a combination of those and many other factors.


Headshot Photography

is becoming a very popular service. Now that Andy Warhol’s prediction that “everybody will have their five minutes of fame” has pretty well come true, we all need to be captured at our best. Here are some of the clients who have graced our studio and benefited from the attention our flexible, friendly team provide.

Location Shoot

is possibly the oldest form of image taking save for headshots. Since people first cast their eyes on wondrous landscapes, the desire to capture for ever what lay before them has been irresistible.  This collection of photographs reveals some of the locations we have worked in and a few we haven’t.

Product Shots

has developed over the years from simple photographs of old to quite revealing and mind bogglingly detailed shots of today. Technology has now made it possible to photograph a product in such a way that the real thing is even more impressive than a sophisticated replica. here are a few of the product shoots we have done over the past few years.

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