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The process of corporate video production

The 3 stages of creative video production remain the same in any project, those being Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. However, when it comes to corporate video production, there are 2 added, more specific stages for the development and distribution of the videos. This article will briefly analyse each stage of corporate video production, explaining what each entails and how they are essential to the process.

corporate video production

Initial Enquiry

The first step in any corporate video production will be the initial enquiry from the client to the production company, which will typically take place over an email or over the phone. This conversation will cover the client’s needs, finding out if the video production company can provide what they need and help them achieve their marketing goals. They will clarify the purpose of the video, as well the their target demographic and the message they are seeking to communicate with the audience.

Once the idea has been communicated and the client has decided on this corporate video production company, they need to establish their content marketing strategy and make sure all their brand guidelines are followed.



Pre-Production is every part of creating a video which is required before the filming begins. This includes scripting, storyboarding, shot lists, casting, hiring crew if necessary, location scouting, equipment sourcing, budgeting and scheduling the shoots. In in the case of corporate video production, the location will often be the offices or other locations of the company being promoted in the video, the budget will depend on what they have offered and the timeline will depend on the deadlines they have set. So, unlike some creating video production, there will be little flexibility in pre-production.

The video production company will remain in constant contact with the client during this stage, communicating all their ideas for the video concept and sending them updating scripts. Once the client has approved the concept and checked that it works within their established budget, the production company can continue with the steps of this stage to prepare everything for their shoot.

corporate video production



Production is the stage of filming the video, if the pre-production process has been done well and efficiently, then this stage should run smoothly and will few to no issues. Typically, corporate video production will include the following steps:

  • Setting up lighting, sound and camera: The details of this depend on the video, some interviews would use lapel microphones, whereas advertisements would probably have a boom operator. The camera may only stay on a tripod or may need to be mounted on a gimbal. In any case, everything needs to be set up with the subject in mind.
  • Shooting primary footage: This is the essential, scripted footage, the main focus and storyline of the video.
  • Shooting B-Roll footage: This is any additional footage to fill in the video, such as close ups, shots of the space, essentially anything which does not focus on the subject of the video.
  • Recording Voiceover: This is not included in every video, but can be quite common in corporate video production, especially in training videos.

corporate video production


Post Production

The Post Production stage is all the editing of the video and audio, you can read up on each individual stage of post production in this article. But the gist of it is these steps:

  • Video editing (assembling, cutting, adding B-Roll)
  • Visual effects (titles, logos, special effects)
  • Sound mixing (music, sound effects, sound designing and editing)

Throughout these steps, the client will likely want to check in and see rough cuts before the final piece, in order to provide feedback and ensure the final product meets their hopes. Once they have met all the client’s requirements and adjusted to any of their feedback, they can deliver the final cut to the client for distribution.

corporate video production



The final stage of corporate video production is making sure the video reaches as wide an audience as possible. In some cases the client may work alongside the production company, or they may handle this internally with their marketing or communications team. In either case, this is when they would develop a distribution strategy to reach their intended audience. This may involve targeting keywords, specific search phrases which rank highly within their target demographic, or maybe contacting influencers to help spread the video on their channels and reach their subscribers.


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corporate video production