3 Tips for Voice-Over for Videos

When it comes to recording a voice-over for a video, having a good set up is essential. The space you record in should be quiet and free from echo. If possible, recording in a small room with soft furnishings will help to absorb any excess sound.

Voice-Over Agency London – Our New Facilities

Voice-over agency London, work has been an important part of audio production for many years. From advertisements to radio plays, voice-over artists have helped to bring stories and characters to life.

5 Elements of Audio Post Production

Audio is just as important as video when it comes to producing a high quality project, so today we take a look at audio post production and the services Nostairway can offer.

How do I get into Voice-Over Recording?

  How Do I Get into The World Of Voice-Over Recording? Video Production In London I am often asked for advice on “getting into” the voice-over recording industry. It isn’t surprising as it’s an interesting profession, producing and performing. When I record really...