Is a DIY Voice-Over Studio Worth It?

DIY voice-over studios and vocal booths are becoming more popular. There are many things to consider before investing in one yourself, such as budget,…

3 Tips for Voice-Over for Videos

When it comes to recording a voice-over for a video, having a good set up is essential. The space you record in should be quiet and free from echo. If possible, recording in a small room with soft furnishings will help to absorb any excess sound.

Voice-Over Agency London – Our New Facilities

Voice-over agency London, work has been an important part of audio production for many years. From advertisements to radio plays, voice-over artists have helped to bring stories and characters to life.

Women in the Media Industry

The media industry has always been male dominated, but we’re seeing significant improvements in recent days. We spoke with Jayne Beaumont about her experience in this field.