Voice-Over Studios London

The voice-over industry is expanding rapidly, with the opening of new voice-over studios london and other major cities. This growth is being driven by the increasing popularity of voice-over services, which are increasingly being used for a wide range of purposes.

Women in the Media Industry

The media industry has always been male dominated, but we’re seeing significant improvements in recent days. We spoke with Jayne Beaumont about her experience in this field.

Video Production Companies Back?

The past two years have proved very difficult for many video production companies in London. Restrictions have more or less rendered most of them inoperative. The very act of producing video is a close quarters task which has caused the average video production company to throw in the towel and sit it out. Or worse, close the doors permanently.

TV talent shows – good or just a joke?

TV talent shows – good or just a joke? Tv talent shows such as: X factor is one is the most loved talent shows in the world. In fact, this talent show is so popular that it is aired in 147 countries. X factor has discovered some of the most famous artists in the...

Audio Post Production Companies – What Do They Do?

Despite the very exact title, audio post production companies perform a wide and varied selection of services. Firstly, audio post production generally refers to everything you do after the the material has been recorded. So, editing the audio takes from a shoot,...