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Top 5 Steps for Impressive Videography

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Videography is in demand, and we think all companies need great video to market their product. However, high quality and professional video is a skill that takes time to learn. We have put together five of our top tips for achieving impressive videography. These are steps that we employ when creating corporate and creative videos.

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1. Build a creative brief.

We start by preparing for and conducting a successful client meeting. In this meeting we discuss the requirements of the project and give our creative thoughts and suggestions. By the end of the meeting the videographers and the client will have a clear idea of the end product and what is required of each party. We will also discuss pricing during the meeting and decide on a price for the service.

2. Get your gears in tact.


It’s really important to have all of the necessary equipment in place for the day (or days) or the shoot. Cameras, lights, sound equipment, etc. It’s important not to leave anything out, especially storage cards and batteries which will halt a shoot if forgotten! If the actors are providing their own clothing and makeup, make sure they know this. Make a spreadsheet of what is needed and who is responsible for bringing it to avoid any disruptions.

3. Plan your lighting.

Scope out your locations and bring all necessary lighting. Most locations will require artificial lighting for a professional look. Three-point-lighting is commonly employed on professional shoots. Three-point-lighting illuminates and shaded areas and avoid any light casting shadows such as nose or chin shadows. It is important to consider composition space of the shot when thinking about lighting so that you can alter it accordingly and be consistent throughout different angles and shots.

4. Capture high quality sound.

We believe that sound quality is absolutely pivotal to your videos. So, don’t rely on the camera’s built-in microphone unless you have to. If you’re shooting an interview or testimony driven videography then you can use lavalier microphones to capture voices clearly. If you are shooting with actors then a boom microphone may work best. Click HERE to see our ultimate guide to operating a boom microphone. If sound is captured in high quality then there is more scope when editing to create a really clean piece of video. If voices are crisp and clear then this will also retain viewers and create an impressive videography.

5. Shoot plenty of B-roll.

2560px Videographer using DSLR

B-roll is supplemental footage that can be cut into the main shots during post production. This footage can be of the set, around the location, close ups or wide shots that help set the scene and sustain interest by cutting up the action visually. B-roll can be particularly useful when getting different angles to illustrate a point or display a product. It can also be used to cover any continuity mistakes. It is important to shoot from different angles as well as getting B-roll, again this will create a more engaging videography and offer more opportunities to create a fantastic video in pot production.

So, those are our top 5 videography tips for creating high quality video. Take a look at a recent example of creative video by Nostairway.

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