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Training Video Production

Why does your company need training videos?

Corporate training videos are an invaluable tool for any business. By definition, training videos are designed to educate viewers on a specific topic or skill. But beyond that, training videos can also help to create a more cohesive and knowledgeable workforce. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your employees have the skills and training they need to be successful.

That’s where corporate training videos come in. By working with a professional training video production company, you can create high-quality, informative videos that will help your employees learn the skills they need to be successful in their roles. Not only will this improve your employees’ performance, but it will also reflect positively on your company as a whole. So if you’re looking for a way to invest in your workforce and improve your bottom line, consider corporate training videos.

training video production

The best way to learn

Videos have been proven to be the best way for people to absorb and remember information. In fact, research shows that 83% of our learning takes place visually. This is especially true nowadays when everyone’s attention span is being shortened, as we become more accustomed to social media, endless scrolling and 1 minute videos. So videos can convey information effectively while remaining concise.

Studies have also shown that only 1 week after an in person training session, employees will forget 65% of what was covered. After 6 months they will have forgotten up to 90% of the material! However, when visuals, such as videos, were used in training sessions, this retention rate after 6 months increased to 65%. According to Assignment Masters, people remember 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they watch.

Cost effective training

Training video production is also cost effective, saving your company both money and resources. Hiring a training instructor can be both expensive and time consuming. Not only would you need to pay for their work and their travel, you will have to hire them again every time you need to repeat this training session for other or new employees. Whereas with a training video, you can simply reuse it as many times as you want.

All you need is a venue to screen the video, which can be anywhere in your office, or your employees can even watch it from their own home. So if someone is feeling under the weather, or can’t come into work that day, they don’t have to miss the training and you don’t have to rehire someone to repeat it.

Training video production is a great alternative to hiring an instructor, it is more efficient, affordable and practical. You can reach more people with just a one off cost of hiring a training video production company.

training video production

Once you have decided that your business needs training video production, find a video production company. Here at Nostairway Creative we offer our services for all stages of training video production, from scripting through to video and audio post production. Before you contact us, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want the video to convey.

Steps of training video production

So step one for you is to: Define your goals for the training videos. What do you want your employees or customers to learn?

Then once we have discussed your ideas and needs, we can plan the rest of the project together. You will tell us if you have an employee you wish to appear in the video, and provide us with any specific information or imagery you want to be included.

Once we know who will be in the video and what they will be doing, we can decide on the location of the shoot, you will tell us what you prefer and we will tell you what would be most practical and aesthetically appealing and together we can pick the best option.

After these simple steps you can leave the project with us, we will write a script and create a shot list for the video. We will then send you this for approval, make any edits you may have and plan the shoot date.

Then comes the filming stage, we will arrive at the agreed upon location set up lighting and audio, and shoot everything we agreed on. We will take this footage back to our studio and begin the edit. We will send you our first cut on an agreed upon date, or earlier if possible, to receive your feedback before completing the post production. We can even create original music for the video if you request it, and add special effects,




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training video production