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X factor - TV talent show

Tv talent shows such as: X factor is one is the most loved talent shows in the world. In fact, this talent show is so popular that it is aired in 147 countries. X factor has discovered some of the most famous artists in the world including Little Mix, One Direction, Leona Lewis, Ella Henderson, James Arthur and many more. Despite the show finding many talented people, has this popular TV talent show become a joke or is it still destined to find the next big artist?


What is so great and awful about TV talent shows?

Well X factor has made millions, perhaps billions of pounds so it’s a pretty good business. The music industry is broad so you would think a show like this would always be welcomed by many viewers.

Let’s establish why TV talent shows are so popular. I think that many people find that talent shows bring them and their families together. Other TV shows such as: Gogglebox depict what many of us experience. Family and friends laughing, taking the mick, being judgemental and being immersed in moving performances. I know that my family and I used to do all of the above. For us it was bonding time whilst we ate our dinner.

Watching these TV talent shows was also a chance for me to discover new music. I am always on the lookout for new music. I get bored of songs very easily so X factor is a great way to discover original songs as well as covers. In my opinion, Leona Lewis is the best singer to come out of this talent show.

I didn’t really watch the show in 2006 from start to finish as I was eight years old and interested in other things. I just remember seeing her X factor album on the shelf in Superdrug and I have loved her ever since. This was back when there were no joke acts and music was taken seriously.

TV talent shows like X factor is meant to be about music production, talented artists and discovery. There have been several times where the show makes a mockery of people, purely for entertainment purposes. I have a friend who is a singer/actor who auditioned for this talent show. He told me that there are stages that an individual has to go through in order to get to the live auditions. So, producers are well aware of artists who may need some training before reaching the live stage. Despite this certain acts are put forward to gain more publicity.

Other TV talent shows such as: Britain’s Got Talent also depicts the judges being a little too judgemental. For example, Susan Boyles audition was without a doubt one of the best performances to ever be shown on TV. Amanda Holden and Pierce Morgan admitted that “everyone was laughing at her and that everyone was being very cynical”. This poor lady was judged before her incredible voice was even picked up by the human ear. The judges and audience feed off of each other. Almost like they tell one and other what to think and how to judge an individual.

Simon Cowell is known for having a rather ignorant persona. Many of his judges are known for laughing at contestants for things like dress sense, appearance and even occupation. This way of judging shows the vulnerability of contestants which makes it easier for judges to pull them apart. Somehow this is entertainment. Is this not bullying to an extent? Many people would argue that they have auditioned for a show that is broadcast for millions of people to see. That it is a personal choice. I agree that it’s a personal choice to go on such a popular TV talent show.

Of course, there is a risk that you may be judge on not just your voice but many other factors. Despite this, I think that how people are judged isn’t done in the best way. You often see people crying and running off the stage with embarrassment.

Here is a clip that demonstrates just how rude the judges can be

Zoe Alexander was one of the most memorable X factor auditions that turned sour pretty quickly. In her audition she is told that she needs to “find herself. That she is too much like Pink (the artist)”. For me it was quite hard to watch because you could see how distressed this girl was. Zoe was very young and put in a situation that she didn’t know how to handle. I don’t think that her audition was entertaining.

Click the link below to see what Zoe Alexander is doing now  

The show had been running from 2004 however the last series broadcast in 2018. Figures had dropped significantly from 17.2 million in 2010 down to 5.3 million by the end of 2018. Simon Cowell tried to keep the show on air despite the dramatic drop however viewers continued to plummet. There comes a point where things run their course and X factor certainly has.