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video producer

Video producers do a lot more now than they used to. Here’s a breakdown of some of the tasks video producers now perform. 

The film process – what do video producers do

There are several tasks that video producers carry out. All tasks are completed across three stages of making a film. Here are the three stages:

Pre-production – this is the process where the creative vision is brainstormed and discussed. Elements in this process consist of:

Pre-production – this process usually consists of:

  • Research, brainstorming ideas, writing and completing scripts
  • Hiring staff
  • Meetings to liaise with colleagues and clients
  • Obtain rights and licenses for things like locations and scripts
  • Create a budget for the production
  • Create shooting schedules
  • Organise equipment needed (rent lighting etc)
  • Create a shortlist

Production – a video producer is responsible for several tasks throughout this process. These include:

  • Continuity
  • Quality control
  • The schedule
  • Assist colleagues such as the director and other creative members
  • Manging logistic and financial decisions
  • Assisting with trouble shooting and makes changes where necessary
  • Managing actors on set
  • Being on hand as a point of contact   

Post production – during this process a video producer carries out tasks such as:

  • Editing soundtracks, visual effects and video editing
  • Marketing and promotion for the film
  • Getting any additional funding

The film may require extra funding. Video producers are responsible for preparing the release that includes: preview and test screenings, planning marketing and using media contacts to get the film noticed. The release consists of:

  • A release schedule
  • Selling the film
  • Events such as festival and cast appearances
  • Distribution of the finished production both national and international  


A breakdown of some of the tasks

Responsibilities for a video producer include:

Involvement in the marketing and distribution process. video producers are responsible for creating a workflow for the marketing and distribution of the film they create. Of course, promotion will depend what goals the video producer puts in place and the content strategy. Here are the steps that they follow:

Keeping a KPI report – a KPI report is used to track the progress of targets and goals set for the final project. This report can also track the number of victors that access the company website. Reports usually consists of charts and graphs that keep data accessible.

A plan for distributing content – a strategy for distribution is a very important aspect to the workflow. In this process, the project will go through a distribution channel before it reaches consumers or potential buyers. For example, wholesalers are a distribution channel that sell goods on to large or small businesses.

Formatting content for platforms – once the channels are in place for promoting the product, the project will have to be adjusted according to which platforms will be used. For example, on an Instagram feed the most appropriate size is square as it’s better for the viewer. The dimensions are 1080px by 1920px which is considered the best quality for this platform.  

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Hiring employees – it’s not unusual for video producers to hire employees for various roles. These roles can include:

  • Editors
  • Stylists
  • Actors
  • Videographers

Evaluate analytics – analytics is analysing and interpreting patterns in data. Following the KPI report, a video producer will evaluate the analytics.

Video producers bring their creativity to the screen and choose equipment that will help them achieve it. The equipment can be anything from lighting equipment, camera and video and audio editing.

Manage the budget – this job is usually carried out by a producer as they are responsible for the film budget. Every video producer sets a budget to spend and keeps track of it. This has now become one of the video producers day to day tasks. They set budgets for various aspects of production including access for filming locations, hiring the cast, hiring or purchasing props and getting licenses for the production.  

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Writing scripts – as well as creating visual content, video producers also write scripts for the video/film they create. This is essential during the pre-production process because a script contains the story, dialogue and contains all the action

Overseeing the production – they oversee pre-production, production and post production. Video producers may direct the camera man in order to get their desired shot.