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It seems busier for video production companies in London.

Let’s take a closer look.

The past two years have proved very difficult for many video production companies in London. Restrictions have more or less rendered most of them inoperative. The very act of producing video is a close quarters task which has caused the average video production company to throw in the towel and sit it out. Or worse, close the doors permanently. film companies making films

Video producers are a hardy breed.

They don’t call video production a creative field for nothing. For many, when the going gets tough, the producer gets creative. And it wasn’t long before highly elaborate working methods and a bit of clever working-around gave the video production industry a lifeline. My company was based at Twickenham Film Studios at the time and we found it relatively easy to get into the habit of keeping our distance, washing our hands, wearing a mask and generally being cautious in order to fulfil a video remit.

So Video Production Is Back?

Well, it’s getting there for sure.  The past few months have certainly seen an upturn in demand for online video solutions. As marketing departments are being let off the leash for the first time in 2 years, they are turning again to their friends in the video production field to help with their campaigns. Video production companies in London felt. the blow particularly hard and happily are feeling the benefit of the bounce-back.

Here’s an interesting article by Film London on the challenges and solutions of Location Filming In A Pandemic.

Preparing for Post-Pandemic Video Production.

Actually, we’re not quite out of the woods just yet. Although most video production companies in London have increased activity, most are exercising caution as it is unclear as to whether we will be facing new restrictions.  It doesn’t do to rush into these things. Imagine investing in new video production equipment in order to produce content for a recent order only to discover that the video can’t be made due to restrictions again.  So the curve is not that steep at the moment. Nevertheless, we detect quiet optimism among our peers.

We have recently started work on a sales video for a large shipping company and embarked on several new showreels for actors.

What Next for video production companies in London?

Nostairway is in a unique position as a video production company in London, inasmuch as, the structure of the company affords us great flexibility. We can prepare job proposals and develop script ideas in advance of producing video. This helps our clients feel more confident when it comes to taking those first tentative steps towards creating their online advertising video, their TV ad, their training video.
video production companies in London

Of course there are many video productions that don’t need a crew or a number of people in the same place.  We produce product launch videos which often involve just the DOP and maybe one helper. This has been the case from way before restrictions set in. The reason for this is the method we use. The camera and lighting are all controlled by the DOP who can operate everything independently.

We were recently asked to create a reveal video for a new perfume brand. The remit was to make the bottle appear as mysterious as possible before eventually revealing the full beauty of its shape. We think we did pretty well. But you can be the judge of that.

So it’s all hands on deck in Nostairway Towers. If you’d like to discuss any elements that concern video production companies in London, drop us a line at our contact page HERE

Here’s the publicity reveal video we produced recently to give you an idea of what can be done by video production companies in London in the face of adverse conditions.