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Voice-over artists are essential to the A/V creative process. A skilled voice-over can significantly enhance a video, conveying more information to the viewer without relying on excessive graphics and captions. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the top voice-over talents in the industry. Take a moment to listen to the sample selections below and imagine how these voices could enrich your documentary, advertisement, or training video.Voice over studio london

Voice Over Artists

Voice over artists are an integral part of the A/V creative process. A good voice-over can enhance a video, multiplying the amount of information delivered to the viewer without the need for overbearing graphics and captions. We are very lucky to have worked with some of the best Voice over artists in the business. Have a listen to the selection of samples below, take a moment to imagine these voices embellishing your documentary, advert, training video

Getting The Right Voice Over Recording.

voice over​Voice-Over Recording is an interesting discipline in the video production field.  It seems to be quite technical, with lots of sophisticated equipment and cables.

However, that is only half the story. Voice-Over recording has as much to do with instinct than it has to do with technical knowledge.

It remains, even in these advanced times, down to the engineer/producer to use her ears on a voice over session as much as she would her gear.

You might find this article interesting, What Is A Vocal Booth And How To Create Your Own,  written by our Creative Director.

Getting The Right Voice Over Artist

Choosing the right voice over artist is as important as having the right equipment, skilled engineer and great setting.  Sometimes, a good voice artist can be the difference between a successful video production project and a failure.

A skilled, experienced voice over artist will get a feel for a project right away, take direction quickly and efficiently and deliver the lines without too many retakes. All of the voice over artists listed here have many years’ experience working with Nostairway. We hope you find a suitable candidate for your next video production project.

However, if you are looking for a very specific voice that you don’t hear on this page, drop us a line through our Contact Page, we have a great variety in our roster.


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