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video shooting

Event videography is used for a variety of different events including functions, parties, weddings, festivals, publicity and so on. This type of video production is a great way to promote and get a business noticed as video fits various social platforms. Video shooting can be get exposure for your business too. We are a video production company in London and often are required to provide event videography. 

Video shooting at a charity event

Videographers typically film around people at the event. Due to the fact that people are aware of being filmed, it makes it easier for the videographer to do video shooting professionally. Nostairway Creative recently done some video production work for a community centre in East Twickenham.

My role was to operate the sound while my colleague Lily handled the video camera. For this particular event, we interviewed various different guests including British journalist Greg Dyke. They spoke about how amazing the community centre looked due to an extensive makeover that wouldn’t be possible without the inspirational people at the event. The party was very relaxed with everyone celebrating the success of the community centre with a live jazz band, food and drinks. I felt nervous at first because of the amount of people there is was overwhelming. I had never interviewed anyone in this kind of environment before however once I settled in, I quickly got myself together and started being the professional I am.

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Other types of event videography

Publicity event videos – for this video you want to ensure that it keeps viewers interested throughout to keep them engaged. You want to make sure that this video appeals to a wide audience and is informed about products or services through clear visuals.

Conference videos – a videographer captures footage of various people at these events including the keynote speaker, the CEO of a company and also interviews guests. A conference highlights video is a great way to capture any success from this event.

Launch party videos – this type of event is great for people such is bloggers to communicate an upcoming social event or products launch to their subscribers, a great way to promote your brand and business. This type of video is engaging and fun because highlight shots of the party is often included in the final project.

Vox pop videos- this type of video is common for social media personalities to present in this type of video. It is very common for memes that are trending to be included for comedic value. Video shooting will usually happen in different locations in order to get mixed response/opinions from the general public.

Yung Filly is a social media personally as well as a musical artist from Bromley. I have been watching his videos for years. The YouTube channel wall of entertainment is what made him famous. As years have gone on you may have seen him on the side of the bus promoting his comedy sketches. You may have also seen him on TikTok on the game show Yung Filly’s Celeb Lock-in. Here is a clip of one of his Christmas episodes.

Customer testimonial video – at events such as launch parties, it wouldn’t be uncommon for customers to be there showing their support. This is a great way to get feedback from customers and further promote your brand. Benefits of this type of video include credibility and trust in the brand and products, gives the company better exposure to new customers and it creates better relationships with customers too.

Wedding videography – this type of event video is all about capturing those memorable moments. Various different shots are filmed and edited in post-production and made into a short film. In the video below, you can see just how amazing a wedding video can be. The edits are brilliant with great techniques which really capture the love they share and have transformed it into a love story.